Anger Management in 5 Easy Steps


Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.
—- Ambrose Bierce


Anger is one of the human emotions everyone feels at least a few times a day. There is not one among us who has had bad experience and regrets because we haven’t taken efforts to control anger at the right moment. Though anger is a normal human emotion, an outburst can sometimes lead to unpleasant things in our life such as road rage, disrupted relationships, spoiled moments and problems at workplace. Even if controlled, anger has the ability to pent-up and then show up with a much larger, and uglier, face.

It is an imperative and one of the most essential things to learn to manage anger in our lives. This is the reason why so many books and articles have been written on Anger Management. ByteColumn here tries to give you a short summary of all those – easy tips to follow if you think controlling anger is of utmost importance at some point in your hectic life.

Do you want to calm the heck down, may it be a rage or just an annoyance? Read ahead!

1. Drink Water

Water – The Elixir of Life! Drinking a glass of water when you are angry will take immediate effect on your body. Water not only cools you down, but also relaxes your overall self. Taking time out to move somewhere else and drinking water also helps out to gain sometime to respond to the situation better. Water calms nerves, controls blood pressure and even regulates your breathing.

anger management

2. Breathe Properly

Put your hand on belly and feel your breath. Does your stomach go out when you breathe in? If not, you are breathing the wrong way. It is generally found that many adults do not know how to breathe properly. A proper breathing can do wonders to control your anger, not to mention providing blood to your veins to calm you down faster! Just make sure to check your breathing the next time you get angry. Taking a few deep breaths will give you more peace and help you out in proper decision making process.

3. Relax Your Muscles


Anger not only affects you emotionally, but physically as well. It is absolutely necessary that you relax your muscles first. This solves the problem instantaneously. Alternate between tensing your muscles and relaxing them. This gives you even something to be distracted about.

4. Play Soothing Songs

anger melody

Playing emotionally soothing melodies can ease your whole being from effects of anger. It lowers anxiety, blood pressure and calms your nerves. So, the next time you get angry, head to the nearest music player as soon as possible and turn on your favorite melody in low volume. Make sure that it is not a rock song with heavy drums, though Iron Maiden may be way cooler!

5. Distract from the Matter!

The greatest remedy for anger is delay.
Thomas Paine

If you slowly count to 10, even while thinking about the very same thing that made you angry, it might just turn out to be a countdown for a grand showdown of your outburst. The better thing to do would be to distract yourself from the matter altogether. Thinking positive thoughts, remove yourself from the situation you are in. Avoid contact with the person, stop the argument and head out for a jog. Just don’t go for any punching and kicking exercise!

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