Why People Leave?

This is one of the most difficult question in human philosophy. The basic reason being the entropy. Humans are made up with a mix of elements, and they like to go as far as possible. The natural phenomena is always to move on, while staying together has a reason.

Any relationship has a reason to exist. The relationship is a bond that make teams and teams exist for a reason. When the reason becomes weak or if it loses importance, the natural force breaks it.

The main cause of the break is the formation of a new reason that has a better value or meaning on participating individuals life. Mostly we see it as a tragedy and the break, but in reality it is no more than formation of a new reason, and thus a new relation.

What Builds a New Reason?

I have seen that the disparity between the vision of the individuals participating in the common mission creates it. The individuals can never share a vision but they chose to compromise a mission, and any individual who sees a better value of the break enforces it. The other is the receptor.

There is no good or bad guy here. The relationship or teams exist to break one day.

sometime I ask myself, is it possible to stop the break? Then I get a question back, WHY? The day any one thinks of building a new reason seeds a plant of breaking the team, and it grows one day to build a reason. If the new reason is strong enough, it gives way to become a ‘VISION.’ The World, thus, gets a new leader.

Does break benefit?

It depends. For any reason or vision to be materialized, it has to be well executed. The team needs to be a working on a clearly defined goal, not becoming redundant, yet fighting each day to make the best use of it.

Non executed missions cannot be called a success. So leaving in itself is never a good thing. But good thing is that any break teaches a new lesson in life, and the lesson is to remain in a team and channelize the energy to overcome.

Reason is what we live for, and reason is the foundation of a team or relationship. The reason is sometime a mission and sometime a vision.

The only way to be successful is to use the new reasons to make the old one stronger, even though the natural force works just the opposite. The only friend that helps to fight this natural tendency is to STAY FOCUSED. You lose the focus, the enemy overcomes you.

Image Credit: deviantart.com

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