Who is responsible for Corruption?

If we understand the root of corruption lies in “NO GOVERNANCE”. Good governance means that all of us behave in responsible manner. If we do not behave, there should be punishment for non performance of our duty. Not reprimanding people for non performance leads to in effective, inefficient, and chaotic organizations. Under such a rule no one can work without paying bribe because nothing functions without greasing the palm. It is difficult to find a single honest person who could live a peaceful life in India because each one of us function in loops and affect society. As we cannot exist in isolation, we do have to depend on amoral, imperfect system of governance.
While we all are dependent on each other in a loop, for some thing or the other, and in order to get our work done fast, we circumvent the system of “bad governance of chaotic organizations” by paying bribe and getting our work done.

In second scenario, if we wish to do something illegal, we can do it. Today crime like cheating, murder, fraud, abduction, rape and property fraud etc. is popular. Why there is high crime rate? It is an outcome of “no accountability”, “no responsibility” resulting into “no governance”. Delays in judicial process prevent common man take recourse to legal system. Poverty on the one hand and bad governance on the other have resulted into a ‘reckless society’ consisting of apathy, amoral behavior, insensitivity in people and excessive crime and corrupt raj.

What I hope from the Jan Lokpal Bill is that the Government organizations are made accountable for bad governance because they are being funded by tax-payers’ money.
Police should be made accountable for crime, provided each citizen is guaranteed right to dignified living conditions. It means welfare of millions of excluded sections of society, unemployed, destitute, and weak should become the responsibility of the STATE. Otherwise even police cannot do anything to prevent crime completely. Thus, if each and every organ of Government made accountable for their role in society, we may be able to accomplish “the dream society free from corruption”. Our slogan will be “either Deliver or Leave the government/governance”.

So, this corruption that has made us inhuman, needs to be rooted out through good governance. And there is need to bring humanism that educates us to do our duty properly in each sphere of life – be it police, judiciary, bureaucrats, executives, teachers, scientists, farmers, businessmen and other organs of our society.

We tend to blame the politicians, all of them may not be corrupt. Though most of them want to do well for the people, but are unable to do so because they are dependent on system. They have to depend on teachers, doctors, Babus, police, businessmen etc. Politicians cannot remain amoral. If they do not remove corrupt politicians from their Parties, there is no use. The good politicians must fight against the corrupt. Not speaking against the corrupt ones, brings a bad name for everyone.
Lokpal Bill is assumed to bring all under the ‘veil of accountability’ and provide “Good governance”


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