Ugliest Animals in the Planet

California Condor
Part of the vulture family, it’s no wonder California Condor’s are pretty hard to look at. This Cali native is the largest terrestrial bird on American continent.

The Naked Mole Rat
The naked mole rat could be the ugliest animal in the world. Good thing they spend most of their lives underground.

Ugly Doggie

Ugliest dog search is nasty. This is a crazy one!!

The Great Ugly CAT

The cat with the long hair at the neck, almost ho hairs on other parts and cruel and ugly look. It deserves to be at the list.


Quite possibly the ugliest animal on earth. It looks like something out of a cartoon. To survive the intense pressure at depths of 1000m and more, its body is largely made up of a jelly-like substance slightly less dense than water. The jelly allows it to float just above the sea floor without having to expend energy on swimming.

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