Trends in Social Media

Ever tried to give a thought on how exactly we browsed the web six years ago? We never did micro-blogging on Twitter, no photo sharing on Flickr, no status updates on Facebook, no video uploads on Youtube, no connections through Linkedin and of course we never had the option of likes and +1s all over the web. The world of web is definitely changing at an unimaginable pace.

Coming to 2011, what’s the first thing a teenager does when they wake up? Check Facebook!! What’s the first thing celebrities do when on the move?? Tweet!! And finally, how do people communicate, how do employees pass their time at work? Is it the social media? Well, with statistics showing the ever increasing social media usage rates, it’s obvious that social media is everywhere. So let us take a look, some of the major trends in social media which changes/changed the way we access the web.

1. Mobile Applications

Who would not love to have all the luxuries at their fingertip? With the rise in usage of smartphones, mobile application developers are continuously sweating it out to make the user’s life simpler and easier. From measuring calories you burnt, to reviews about a product in your hand, the mobile applications have really made its impact in the present generation.

2. Social Advertisements

2010 was the year for budding entrepreneurs and social media start-ups, but with 2011, half year passed, we are witnessing the importance of social media ads. Companies have been successful in segmenting, targeting and positioning the brand effortlessly with the help of these social media ads. By tracking browsing behaviours of a person over the web, Social Advertisements have always hit right on the bull’s eye by showing advertisements in order with a user’s interest.

3. Customer feedback

We live in the age where customer is the king. So the whole product and service offered revolves around what the customer needs. And thanks to social media for making life of Manufacturers simple. Many footwear, food and other brands started valuing the customers feedbacks and comments over their products over the social media. The feedbacks were treated to be constructive facts to resurrect the brands and distinguish them from rivals and make the consumers more inclined towards their brand.

4. Location based Services

Location based technology and applications will be far more integrated very soon. Apart from finding and tracking your friends and customers on your smartphone, developers are trying to work on updating every move of your friend in real time. In 2010, retailers have successfully used social media to engage with their old customers for promoting their products on sites like Facebook and Twitter and selling the goods and services online.

5. Fan pages as low-cost advertisement medium

Statistics show that, people spend more time on Facebook than on Google. Users loved sharing photos, videos and information on Facebook than Google. This data will sure help the business people to create forums and fan pages on social sites to increase the brand awareness and communicate effectively with their customers. These fan pages can also act a Q&A portal for the users of a product or a service.

6. Social media as an Election Campaign promoter

Sounds electric, isn’t it? At some point in the future, I feel the Politicians will run their campaigns, the social media way. Viral videos, blogs, websites and online games are sure to be a part of a Political Social media campaign. And this is sure to be a hit, as most of the employees are in front of their computer screens, and they don’t find time to tune into TV news channels, nor take a look at the streets where the actual noisy campaigns happen. Still wonder, whether people find time to go and vote, inspite of all these political party promotions.

7. Social Media Policy to be added in your company

With many organisations banning social networks at their work place and many have already enforced social media policies. If the company you work for doesn’t still have a social media policy in place, don’t be happy, it just might come up with few very soon. From organisational conduct as an employee to how to treat your fellow colleagues, Companies have already given a thought on designing policies on your participation in social media.

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