Top 6 free applications for your Smartphone

The smartphone era that we live in today has connected the farthest corners of the world, bringing them together on these handheld devices, just one click away. The invention that first came as a bulky large device for only the privileged ones is now a luxury that is affordable by even the common man, courtesy, the immense work of engineers, designers and manufacturers, who have gone an extra mile to offer the best to their customers. The mobile technology has unquestionably outgrown by leaps and bounds.The escalating market competition and the urge to win the smartphone race has been the driving force behind what our smartphones have for us.

But what makes these phones so smart after all? It is the incredible work of the devoted developers across the globe in form of innumerable applications. While chatting, social networking, music, storing documents, emails and so on have become an integral part of our phones, the applications augment the whole experience to an entirely new level. Keeping track of your health, be your touring guide when you are lost, peep through the far away doors of the galaxy, read out your messages when you are driving, be your flashlight in the dark, list down the best deals in your town, find the best places to hang out and so on, you name it and have it out from the apps pool right away.

So here we are, offering you a quick dive into the pool of smart apps of the Android marketplace with six best free apps absolutely worth your smartphone.

Opera Mini

Offering the fastest browsing experience, Opera Mini is a must have browser for the Android phones. An absolute winning code used to design the browser saves all your money on the data charges by using only a tenth of the bandwidth of other browsers, compressing Web pages by up to 90%. Download the browser for free and multitask with the tabs, access your favorite sites instantly with Speed Dial, enjoy the sophisticated URL auto-completion, virtual keyboard, smart bookmark and download management and lots more.


Facebook for Android:

For the social savvy people, or rather the Facebook addicts that most of us are, Facebook for Android is a perfect and simple app that will take utmost care of your social presence. Offering quite similar experience as that on the actual Facebook site, the app enables the users to stay connected with friends and relatives, accept friend requests, make status updates, watch videos, share links and also provide the inbox support. Chat and push notifications have also been added with the version 1.5.2 offering the ability to upload photos on your friends’ walls. As you swipe through thumbnails of friends’ recently uploaded photos and stroll through the news feeds, you will find this app is very much like the old days when using Facebook was much hassle free and easy.


Got a big fan following on Twitter? Finding it hard to manage your Twitter feed? Too busy to keep the stream updated? If yes, then Seesmic is the one stop solution for all your microblogging needs. The best Twitter app in the Android marketplace, Seesmic with its simplistic but elegant UI and loads of features has won the hearts of all Twitter users. Manage multiple Twitter accounts with ease, share your photos and videos with your followers, and enjoy customized notification and goetagging and lots more with the free version of the app. Once installed, all the features are easily accessible with the four clear bars at the top of the screen enabling one-touch viewing of your timeline, @ replies, direct messages, and profile. The app makes tweeting fun by facilitating fast picture uploads, URL shortening, and ofcourse the GPS location.


One of the much preferred online back up solutions, Dropbox allows the users to sync their files online and across their Macs, Windows or Linux computers automatically by storing them in Dropbox’s secure servers. For free account holders, a total of 2GB of online storage memory is provided while the paid user can take advantage of as much as 100 GB. The shared folder option enables several people to collaborate on the same files plus stay updated with any changes made by others. The users can also control access grants to specific folders and files.



Tell your friends what part of the city you are in, catch up with them wherever they are, share pictures, get insider tips ( like the best dish in a particular restaurant) and lots more, right on your Android with Foursquare for Android. The app is light and fast has been seamlessly integrated into the smartphones. Unlock and enjoy discounts and freebies and earn points and badges as you explore your city. The app offers users Desktop shortcuts, integrated maps, great Explore scrolling and innumerable locale strings and is a total fun to use.



Texting and typing could never be so easy and swift without Swype. Swype makes typing on your phone screen fun with its interesting touchscreen keyboard. You no longer have to click onto the letters while typing and run into the risk of making errors all the time. With Swype just swipe your finger in a continuous motion over the letters you want and the patented technology of the app quickly recognizes what you’re trying to write even if it is misspelled. The users are able to type at the rate of 40 words per minute. The feature list reads as fast Finger Tip Operation, Auto Correction, Input Slider, Auto-Spacing, 50+ symbols, 65000+ words English dictionary and lots more.



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