Red-hot smartphones in the market

To begin with, the phone we used to carry in our pockets used to be in the size of a brick and could make only calls and store phone numbers. This triggered most of the people to carry few gadgets to places they used to visit. It included a digital camera for taking pictures, a walkman player to accompany his journey, a portable hard disk or an USB to store media rich information and a laptop to browse the web. With the phone market booming in India and people getting richer and richer day by day, the feature phones have been soon replaced by smartphones, which fits in the palm of our hand, play HD videos and Music, surf the web, take high resolution pictures and play motion based games and store enormous amount of data. However the adage, smartphones aren’t that useful has come to a dead stop and is no longer applicable.

Here are the top 5 smartphones which are all set and highly potential to rule the market by having added unique functionalities. Take a look at it and then take your pick:

Samsung Galaxy SII:

Samsung Galaxy SII is one ultra slim and light weight gadget that is big on performance and an amazing display. Believe it or not, this smartphone has created a buzz by storming ahead of the great invincible iPhone lately. The super AMOLED plus capacitive touchscreen, the processing power of the phone and the hugely popular Android has made the phone to be a hot pick of the month. Moreover, this phone inspite of small flaws is sure to make you love the smell of Android in the morning.

Apple iPhone 4:

Okay, if you think why buy an Iphone? The only reason to pick this smartphone is because it’s a product of Apple Inc. and that explains it all. iPhone 4 is the best smartphone Apple has ever made till date. Loaded with amazing and unique features, which the company is known for, iPhone 4 has come a lot way ahead of its siblings, iPhone3 and iPhone 2. Powered with loads of downloads and apps in the iPhone market, iPhone 4 with its amazing looks has definitely become the hot pick for all geeks out there.

LG Optimus 2X:

The double barrelled gun of smartphones is here and has made a positive impact with its dual-core processors (first of its kind among smartphones). Powered with a Tegra 2 Chipset, the phone promises to create a revolution in the smartphone industry. The phone certainly proved to be the fastest around and is a definite pick for those who love to have a powerful hardware. The phone also comes out with a unique feature called slick scrolling and is loaded with amazing apps from the android market.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc:

Sony hits back with its XPERIA Arc yet another time, and now it’s all set to stay here in the smartphone market for a longer time. With a new generation chipset, more screen estate and the powered with Gingerbread OS has made it an easy pick among the others. It also takes the credit of becoming the first phone to inculcate an Exmor R camera sensor and the all new Reality Display all powered by the BRAVIA engine. This is best pick for users who look beyond the Samsungs, LGs and iPhones.

HTC Sensation 4G:

True to its name, HTC Sensation 4G has been quite impressive and sensational smartphone from the world of HTC. Scoring high on looks and the weight department, this smartphone is likely to attract people looking for an alternative to the first four phones. Enticed with a seriously better battery performance the phone is loaded with a lovely display to give some serious competition to other smartphones available in the market.

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