Top 5 Indian Consumer Complaint Sites

If you are facing problems with your Telecom provider, Bank or a Retail store, mostly the issues get solved. But in case if they are not, you feel cheated and mistreated. This is bad for you and is bad for the company or brand who make you feel that.

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Now, you no longer have to feel embarrassed. You can go to the online portals to file complains and most of the top Brands get back and work to solve your problems. It has to be genuine though.

Here are my top 5 Consumer complaints sites.

1. E-consumer Complaints

You will need to register in the site before posting any complaint. All it takes from you is your name, email id and phone number.

The site has an Alexa Ranking of 93k Global and 22k India Rank.

You can follow the site admins in Facebook, where they have more than 28 thousand fans.

There are at least 32 big companies actively listening to these sites, and those include biggies like Airtel, Vodafone, HDFC Bank, SnapDeal etc.

2. Consumer Complaints

Consumer Complaints take your email id and username to register, and chances that there are more fake complains are higher. But its also a good site to file your complain.

The site has a Global Alexa Rank of 129k and China Rank of 18k. Interestingly this site is an Indian site (at least domains shows that and it performs great in China).

3. Complaints Board

Complaints Board offers a flexibility to post complains by loggin in through Facebook, and the site has amazing visit traffic.

The site has Global Alexa Rank of 4.3k and US Rank of 2k.

Most of the Global Companies monitor this site and your chances of reaching out to company representatives is higher through this site.

4. India Consumer Board

India Consumer board comes in a Forum look and if you are very familiar with it, this is for you. The site is very popular but several companies monitor it.

The site has Global Alexa Rank of 283k while India Rank of 19k.

5. Complaints India

The site takes a lot of information before you post, and it also allows you to enter the company mail id who is likely to get the mail. This offers facility for prompt action. Interestingly the site does not ask you to register.

The site has global Alexa rank of 73k and India rank of impressive 6.9k.

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