Thrifty Watch Phone- The hottest gadget in town

Gadgets have become an integral part of our life. From mobile phones to smartphones, from palmtops to Tablets, the world is pushing itself hard to breach the technology innovation limit. With palmtops and laptops already gathering dust, the new portable gadgets have made way for themselves to fit in your pockets. In addition to the comfort and portability offered they also have added to the mass in your pocket. Now if that’s the thing which worries you very often, then take a look at the all new “Thrifty Watch Phone”. This little mean gadget apart from being a convenient wrist watch also functions as a cell phone.

The gadget is an all-in one device by also featuring a MP3 Player, video camera, media player and as a PDA and has been successful in winnowing out the weight from your pockets.

The Thrifty Watch phone is a quad band GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz) phone and can be used from all over the world. To start-off, all you need to do is insert a SIM card to the compartment given and you will be amazed to have a cell phone on your wrist. The watch phone also sports a clear 1.3 inch LCD touch screen display and is very user friendly for navigating. And the most surprising part is you don’t even need the included stylus to do this, your fingers would just be fine!!!

Moving on to this piece of line makes sure that you have not heard enough about the thrifty Watch Phone, yet. Okay, let’s take a sneak peek at some of the other power packed features-

  • Making and receiving calls is very easy as the phone sports a built-in MIC and speaker. There’s also an option of using the wireless Bluetooth earset which comes along with the box. Cool isn’t it?

  • The watch comes with 12 different watch strap sizes and is sure to make your attire trendy. The straps being light in weight will not make you feel uneasy wearing the watch for a longer time.
  • The watch phone features a camera, audio player/recorder, video player/recorder. Photo capturing has never been easy as in the watch phone. With just a click of a button and provides with an option of playing the videos directly from the phone memory.

  • And if you are worried over the international security of this watch phone, it is time to stop worrying as this watch phone comes with a unique IMEI number.
  • This white band and an ivory faced watch phone comes a with a free 2GB micro SD card.
  • The interface supported 9 major languages and includes a calculator, unit converter, currency converter, ebook reader, calendar, to-do list, alarm and world clock. You name it, you have it.
  • The standby battery life comes to around 120- 150 hours and talk time is approximately around 2-4 hours.

This mean gadget is priced at around 95$. The Thrifty watch phone may not be that attractive when you get your hands on it for the first time, but it is the power packed features that the phone comes with, which make people go crazy for it.

Images credit: Chinavasion

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