So what does it take to build your dream website?

We come across lot of websites and blogs every day which help in satiating our thirst for information, entertainment and holistic knowledge. There are billions of websites and blogs out there today with each one of them being unique in its own way and starting one is a piece of cake. However, farming this newly designed website into something valuable and preferable with a vast followers and readership is the fact to be worried upon. Though it’s not that harder, I feel persistence is the key. And the most common question to be asked to oneself? Am I ready to sustain my dream site’s success? If yes, how long? That’s really a hard question.

What started as a hobby for some, with persistence and spending more time on the web, can become a full time job. And who knows, it can also move onto become a promising business. Just imagine all the reputation, income flowing out through this dream come true site of yours. Let’s take a look at a few issues to be addressed while building your dream website from scratch.

1. Spend more time updating

How do you go about when your website has got high readership, and people are not satisfied with your policy of coming out with “one-post” per week? So that would mean, forget all your other activities and spend more time on bringing in new content to your website. Well said that, it doesn’t mean just updating it for the sake of pulling in more readers, but more concentration should be given on the quality of the content.


It so happens many a times that the website owners are excited looking at the sudden up rise in traffic. Later they never focus on sustaining this traffic by not updating it frequently. Now that’s the saddest part of all to lose your way out to other new websites.


2. More the traffic, more the revenue

Now here is a chance to make more out of your website, Advertisements. Higher the traffic, higher the chances are for advertisers to select your site as a platform to strike the readers. Though, the cost of maintaining your website with tons of followers is more than what you make out of advertisements, it’s wise not to worry over the revenue generated from advertisements during the initial years of the website’s origin. I feel its good time to experiment with placement of banner ads on your webpage.


3. Don’t overload the site


Often, website owners are excited with the way things are going. They are approached by more and more advertisers. And these online advertisements is always tricky and turned out to be a bane to some new websites, they are overloaded with banner-ads, roll-over ads. Of all, the presence of most annoying pop-up and pop-under ads in your website can never convert visitors into regular readers.


4. More servers and site Maintenance

Maintenance is very essential for any website. This is because a simple database errors, hosting errors and errors regarding the published information can cost your website a lot. Imagine a plug-on fails to upload, or a small bug been found on the application form filling part. This is sure to annoy the visitors to the core and it’s the prime duty of the maintenance team to get the bugs fixed in no time. More servers would refer to better indexing and seeking of data at lightning speed.


5. Finally, Beware of Hackers.

Security and privacy has become major concern for website owners and also the users of the site. It’s true that, more popular the website is, higher are the chances for it to be hacked. Hackers attack reputed websites just as part of their hobby, or with real bad intentions. Statistics say that there are several hacking attempts on the internet giants.


So knowing the pros and cons of building your dream website, make sure your website is the gateway to your business. Better the features and looks, better will be the incoming traffic. So what are you waiting for? Go start coding your dream website.


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