New Face of Marketing

Social media has served as a mirror by showing the real truth behind marketing. Don’t forget that it’s the only platform where you can get the users feedback by sitting at home. Here you can check out the ideas which you thing will work but in real practice it fails to gain users trusts.
When people don’t understand something, they give it a name which combines lots of things into one, which they can then denigrate or push into a siding.

They did it with “digital”. Now digital IS marketing and selling. Anyone still stuck with 19th century (car 1885, telephone 1876) methods of selling is quite simply in the slow lane – or on the hard shoulder.

Same with social media. The word “Media” implies it is an in-between linking customer and vendor – just like magazines, TV and newspapers are media. It isn’t.

It is much more important than that. Social media is bringing down governments as people connect and cut out the middle man.

It is about people talking to each other, not with vendors. Vendors aren’t comfortable with that as their “push message” conditioning gets in the way.

It is also several different technologies and methodologies, lumped together into one.
Twitter is a quick and easy way to tell people your stuff – what you’re up to, what you’d like to involve them in and what you think about something going on. It’s not about one-to-one conversations – we already have texting for that.

Facebook is about being part of something. You share messages and pictures with friends, they poke you – it isn’t just an information exchange.

LinkedIn is an interactive publishing medium. Someone puts something up and everyone then discusses it, with all the banter, people exposing their bias and lack of knowledge, ganging up on individuals etc. that would happen if you raised it in the bar, or round the water cooler.

How are all of those “One Medium”? So how can one thing have ruined marketing.

The key is a change in mindset. From presenting to conversing. marketers have been lazy – talking at is easier than engaging with.

There is an old phrase “If you’re telling, you’re not selling”.

Create conversations. Let people engage through having their own ideas, through putting forward what they want and through asking questions. Tear down the barriers you’re hiding behind (anyone using a no-reply?).

Anyone who has children knows how much more effective this is.

To paraphrase something which is on the wall in every primary school…
You tell and I forget
You show me and I remember

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