Microsoft Touch Mouse is all set to roll into your desks

We are all aware of Microsoft and Apple, the 2 giants in the software industry battling neck to neck since decades to capture the OS market. Then Apple Inc shot ahead by introducing Magic Mouse, which had multi-touch gestures. They were on a dream run, yet they failed to reach their goal for a reason still unknown. A week back, Microsoft has finally come out with a brave decision to challenge Apple Inc. once again by rolling out with its own new multi-touch mouse for the Windows installed PC. But the question is, can they succeed where Apple’s magic mouse failed?

Microsoft Touch Mouse is an advanced peripheral for PC users and is different from the Microsoft’s earlier Explorer Touch Mouse. This peripheral is especially optimized for Windows 7. So if you are a Mac user, forget about going for one.

The Touch Mouse has an ergonomic design unlike the Apple’s Magic Mouse which is very slim with a gentle curvature. This ergonomic arc feature makes the Touch Mouse user more comfortable to use. The Touch Mouse sports multi-touch gesture that utilizes upto 3 fingers. Well, 3 fingers utilization would mean more productivity and faster will be the completion of a given task.

The Touch Mouse works on the principle of capacitive touch sensors and this is been evidently seen on the surface of the mouse as a textured pattern of diagonal crosses. There is also a provision for a thin slit in the middle which divides the right and left buttons. These cues enable the users to feel and see the buttons just like your normal mice. The basic gesture list is shown in the below picture.

Coming to the price, the Touch Mouse is priced at around $80 as compared to $69 for the Magic Mouse. When it comes to packaging, Microsoft Touch Mouse comes along with 2 AA alkaline batteries, a USB dongle and USB extension cord. And to everyone’s surprise yet again, Microsoft has not used Bluetooth technology for its connectivity and is capable of working within a 10-foot range.

Microsoft says, the mouse is more appropriate for official purpose than for gaming. And if you are a gamer, let us wait and see as what Microsoft’s got for you in its store. And if you are using any other windows OS other than the windows 7, then you need not worry as the mouse supports the basic click and pointing functions.

To conclude, Microsoft promises that the Touch Mouse helps you do more in less time. But I personally feel that this peripheral from Microsoft is probably one of the better replies to the Apple’s products provided that you use the all unique multi-touch gestures. So what are you waiting for? The whole new way of navigating your PC is here.

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