Jewels for your ipad

One of the most revolutionary invention that comes from the engineering minds of its employees is indubitably, the iPad. Having created waves ever since the device hit the headlines, the iPad set out new dimensions for how laptops and computers could ever be imagined. The compact design, with the ever so extolled multitouch technology and other functionalities of the device soon captured the interests of the people turning it into a grand success with around 14.8 million iPads sold worldwide in 2010, a whooping sales count within 9 months of the launch.

Here are some jewels to decorate your owned luxury, the ipad:

Official Apple Wireless Keyboard

Away from all the chaos of getting tangled within the wires, the sleek yet fancy wireless keyboard from Apple gives its users the run for their money. The keyboard uses the Bluetooth technology and offers an extended layout with document navigation controls, a numeric keypad, and special function keys. Anywhere within the range, this space saving design marvel from the Cupertino firm makes typing real fun.

Quirky Cloak Case for iPad

The iPad case market does witness a potential competition with different makers trying to scoop out their share of profits. Quirky Cloak Case for iPad too joins the league and offers three different positions on a flat surface in portrait, landscape, and typing stand positions. For landscape, open Cloak’s front cover and use it to prop up the iPad screen from behind. The friction-fit folding mechanism allows to adjust the screen in different angles. To turn it into a Typing stand, flip out the smaller plastic support brace on Cloak’s inside cover to prop up the iPad screen at a low landscape angle, ideal for typing. The Cloak is constructed from non-slip rubber, with durable plastic on the hinge mechanisms

Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve Case for Apple iPad 2 (also fits Apple iPad 1), Black

Simple, smart, stylish and functional, the Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve Case is a ballistic nylon and soft microfiber case that has shock absorbing bubble-shaped bumps on both sides of the cover. Inside, grid-textured cushion like that of a keyboard protects the iPad screen with finally the zippered case ensuring double safety of the device and allowing use in and out of the sleeve .

Official Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit (MC531ZM/A)

Pictures are the best reflections of one’s wonderful memories with their loved ones and customer satisfaction oriented company that Apple is, it comprehends this well too. Hence for giving your much cherished memories an absolute frame for the perfect view, the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit is all that you need. The Kit provides users two ways to import photos and videos from a digital camera. First involves using camera’s USB cable while the other is directly copying the images from an SD card. Once the connection is established, the iPad automatically opens the Photos app from where the user can select the pictures to import, and then organizes the selected photos into albums. On syncing the iPad with the PC or Mac, the photos on the iPad are added to computer’s photo library. The iPad and the Camera Connection Kit supports standard photo formats, including JPEG and RAW.



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