Indian Local Search Engine JustDial Files for IPO

India’s No. 1 Local Search Engine Just Dial has filed for an IPO, and it plans to raise about $80 million.  This, if successful, will be the largest Indian IPO in the US when compared with the travel portal MakeMyTrip, which made $70 to $80 million in its initial public offering, in 2010.
JustDial can be accessed not only via the internet, but also by voice call and SMS as well. It has a strong network in India spread across 240 cities, with a customer base of over 57 million unique users.

JustDial has also launched its services in North America, entering the US market recently. Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom are other nations in its target. In these countries, Just Dial services will be offered through a 24×7 operator at a toll-free number. The services will include search for movies and theaters, events, restaurants, hotels and limited local search.

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