India Web Industry Breaks the One Billion Mark; World Will Hear it More Often

India Web Industry is known for mediocre status. Companies like Rediff,, MakeMyTrip and Naukri exists in the nation but their reaches were always limited. They never crossed a billion dollar in the valuation and never made any impact outside the Indian market.

There is lots of news about Chinese and Japanese companies taking on their US counterparts. Indians read about such news and have a question in their mind. When will India have companies like Baidu, QQ, Tancent, Dena, Gree etc that have given tough time to the World leaders?

The answer seems simple. India will never have such companies. Instead India will have companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Amazon. Is this a distant dream? NO. Let me explain., the Indian Amazon, has become the first company to pass the billion dollar mark. They recently raise $140 million at a huge valuation never imagined for an Indian web company. SnapDeal is closing the gap too. The group buying company has almost comparable traffic to the US biggies – Groupon and LivingSocial, if Alexa stats are believed.


Now you may say that Flipkart and SnapDeal are mostly in India and are local companies like Dena, Gree or Baidu. But NO. These companies’ DNA is in English, and they will need no customization to go Global. India, which was ruled for 300 years by British, has just one advantage of colonization that we can not only read and write good English, we think in English.

This is one of the reasons how India got huge success with IT and ITes sectors like BPO, Software, KPO etc. It is likely to repeat here, and now there are many smaller successes that India has produced. Some of them are poised to become a huge success.

Let me name few companies unknown yet good Indian companies here.


InMobi was founded in 2007 and soon it become the dominate ad network in India before getting out. The company is the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network. Need I say more? Well, the company is already positioned well and more good news may be coming soon.

They have offices on four continents, are on the spree of acquiring companies. They have just acquired Sprout, a US based Ad software company yesterday.


Games2Win is top 20 online gaming businesses in the world. The company has built games for big players like EA and Zynga, and I will not wonder if they make some real big games on their own brand.

I have learnt that the company serves 120 million users but could not verify. But when they build games for EA and Zynga, the number seems possible.


IndiaGames is the largest Mobile Gaming company from India. The company is owned by Entertainment giant UTV, and is now known as UTV Indiagames. Still the company is run by its founder Vishal Gondal and he can take it long way.


Ibibo is an Indian social networking site. The company is formed by Ex-Googler Ashish Kashyap, who currently serves as the company’s CEO. Ibibo is funded by the electronic media arm of South African company Naspers, MIH and Chinese Internet giant Tencent.

Since its inception, Ibibo seemed a company of long run. They have acquired customers, talents and the investors. The Bollywood labeled games are hitting the road one by one and it is just away from a huge instant hit product. It can happen any day.


Shufflr is the Indian Boxee but business head Rajneesh believes the company is more that. Ex-Microsoft guy Rajneesh wants to take the company to become one of the best known brands in the World.

The company is Althea Systems and Shufflr is their product. It is the Social Video search engine. They are funded by Intel Capital, and are well covered in international media like NY Times and TechCrunch.


JustDial is India’s no.1 local search destination. The company says that it caters over 57 million unique users. This one of a kind local search service is accessible from across 2000 towns and cities in India on Phone, Web, WAP and SMS.

With 4000 strong work force and 1,35,000 paid advertisers the company is certainly not small. It is just waiting for the right time to hit the market.


Intel Capital invested another venture Buzzintown gives me all I need to know in the city I live. It is the event & entertainment guide for Bangalore, and it has services in several Indian cities. The company has lately started giving offers and is now trying to become a one end shop for all city residents competing with GroupOn’s SoSasta and SnapDeal.

The team masters in creating chain of partners and is believed to be having sound cash blow. The big news might just be waiting about huge investment or a takeover (both in and out). Buzzintown is buzzing.

All of these companies have excellent execution and business plans. The leaders are visionary and aggressive. So now India is not limited by capability or willingness but rather it is only a matter of time. These companies are likely to go all out and build brand India for Web Innovation.

World needs to wait. Not more. Just 5 years. India Inc is coming out to conquer. Investors better watch out and ride the train early.


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