How to Retain the Best Performer in Your Company

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People make companies great, and you can never afford to lose the best performers. But these best performers are the ones most prone to exit. Reason – they know they are the best and they find a place to move faster than the average folks.

Here are 5 tips to follow to retain the best talent.

1. Always Appreciate : The best folks work on different motivation than the rest. They work to show how great they are and they compete with themselves and the their peers. More than money, party, benefit or anything these guys are looking for appreciation and recognition reward.

2. Appreciate in public : These guys are intelligent and they know what matters most in their life. They are aggressive and are likely to work under the manager who appreciates them in public. They like to be talked about among peers, juniors and seniors, any reason that make that happen is likely to appeal them.

3. Credit Them Right : This is one area where most managers fail. Best performers are always happen when they do something great and they live each hour to make it happen. They don’t take credit for what others do, and they are mad when someone else (manager or else) takes it away from them. Reason is simple – they work real hard to make something happen and not receiving credit is the worst thing they expect.

4. Don’t underestimate them : I see a lot of managers feeling uneasy to work with juniors better than them, but Manager is about it. If you are managing folks inferior to you, you are basically not doing anything great. They might just be there because they have nowhere to go. But Best Performers remain in a company or under a manager by choice, and any action done to harm their interest is seriously reciprocated. They have no fear and if any manager tries to suppress him by misuse of his position, they he will suffer. The Best may leave the company, and he will make sure everyone knows how bad the manager is before he leaves.

5. Make them friends but remain professional : Best Performers are very professional in their work and attitude, and this are the differentiators between them and the rest. So even though it is good to be friends with them and understand them, they will not like if a manager brings personal issues at work. They like to be treated professionally and questioned on logic.

Bonus point:

Always challenge them with difficult work. The best performers learn things quickly and they are likely to get bored. Keep them challenged, which will them them motivated.

So whats your view on Best Performers and how to retain them? Do comment to put your view.

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