History of Online Gaming [Info-Graphic]

We all have played computer games atleast once in our lifetime. And some of you maybe have even tried out the online games on Facebook and still addicted to it. Online gaming has taken the world by a storm and many companies have converted it into a big business.  A hard-core online gamer has no age classifications to deal with and the online game one gets addicted to are popular among teenagers, women, children and sometimes even men. Research shows that, 41% of older people in the US are addicted to online gaming just to get away from loneliness. So how did online gaming start after all? Well the answer roots to the typical computer gaming where the game was stored on your hard disk and you had to play it the way it was designed to be played. There was less imagination involved in such games and no one could think out of the limits. This led to the invention of online games where games could be played on a computer against your friend through an internet connection.

The growth in online gaming is very impressive as compared to their static counter-parts. Most of the online games are based on solving it using your intelligence and strategy. With the development of World Wide Web and the internet, online games were capable of coming up with better and complex graphics, colours and high quality virtual realities to grab the attention of the players logged in.

Online gaming is not only about revenues and addiction, but its more about the technology, developing cultural phenomenons across the borders.  and if you are still curious about online gaming?? Well then, I have uploaded a beautifully represented infographic which gives the entire history of online gaming since 1973 to all the way until 2011. The infographic also gives details on the sales figure of online games and the top 10 best selling online games. Enjoy!!!

Image source: infographicshowcase.com

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