Features to Search For in Brand Monitoring Solutions

There are a lot of Brand Monitoring tools and all of them claim to be the best one. So when you actually go on hunt for a tool, it is very difficult to find one that best suits.

Here are some of the most important features to look while considering any Social Media Brand Monitoring Tool.

Monitor mentions of the brand on Social Networks (based on keywords)

In any Brand Management solution, user should be able to submit essential keywords to be tracked. The system collects all the data generated in all major channels and searches for the keywords matches. You can then view the volume of mentions of the keywords according in real time. This allows you to view the overall trend on the topic and its brand awareness.

Major channels include Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, News, Videos, and Discussion Forums.

Analyze sentiment of mentions (positive and negative)

Good Brand Management tool also tags each of the mentions as positive and negative sentiments. The sentiments are then viewed in the graph where the trend can be visualized. You can even view the overall distribution of the sentiment based on the dates.

It is also good to get a tool that allows you to change the sentiment when machine is found to classify wrong.

Distribution of mentions according to sources

In addition to sentiment and mentions, you should be able to view the sources of the mentions. This gives user a clear idea about the kind of people who are talking about the brand.

Good tool should be able to classify by channel, location, age, sex, education etc. Most tools does not provide all of these but it is good it you can find one.

Analyze the profile of people

Good Brand Management tools also analyze the profile of the people mentioning the brand. You should be able to view the number of people mentioning the brand and their profile. In presence of location data, you can view the trend in the location where the brand is more popular.

The tool needs to provide statistical details on the distribution of the people mentioning the brand along with facility to view actual data and profile mentioning the brand.

Influence of brand mentions

Some Brand Monitoring systems score each of the profile according to their influence. Analyzing one of many twitter statistics, the system scores the profile and orders the list of people according to their influence score. Using the influence score, system tags each of the mentions with their relevance to the user. If the mention is made from a highly influenced person, the mention is scored as highly relevant.

This helps you to find important updates and consider them for processing early. General updates can be taken care once the influential ones are done.

Monitor the online news coverage of the brand

In addition to brand mentions by people in twitter, good system also looks for the link being shared in the networking sites, referring to the brand. Analyzing the mentions with links, the system orders the top link being shared by the people, based in frequency, giving user a clear idea on the top new coverage of the brand.

Detail analysis of mentions through secondary search

Good Brand Management tool also allows user to dig much deeper into the data by providing secondary search. In secondary search, user can add more keywords relevant to the brand name and carry out the sentiment analysis on these new search results. This allows user to analyze the sentiment over a particular aspect of the brand.

Social CRM (Engage with your customers and brand influencers)

Brand Monitoring is more than just sentiment analysis and people analysis, it is also a platform where a brand can communicate with their loyal customers or promoters and increase their brand value. Good Brand Monitoring tool contains a section where user can view people’s mentions categorized in terms of complains, query or updates. User can then reply to each mentions and engage with customers.

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