Extraordinary and Innovative cooling solutions for your Laptop

Undoubtedly there’s not much difference between laptops and human beings. Just as human beings are prone to disease causing viruses, the laptop hardware also are prone to viruses. Moreover, sudden rise in the body temperature could be symptoms of a health risk and draws in more medical attention. Similarly, sudden shutdowns, reboots and freezes are the symptoms shown by your laptops when they are overheated. And that is the reason for the PC doctors to come out with cooling solutions to keep your laptop at its prime health.

These cooling solutions also help the user to prevent his thighs being toasted because of the extreme heat generated. Here are some of the proven laptop cooling solutions which can help you to avoid burns and also leverage the life of your device.

1. Targus Lap Chill Mat

This mat provides a ergonomic work surface to keep you and your laptop cool even after hours of working. The mat is designed to rest on your lap and disperse the heat using the dual fans to provide ventilation which can be obstructed if your laptop is placed over soft cushioned stuffs. The neoprene also adds extra cushioning to your lap. The mat also stimulates constant airflow and hence extends the life of the laptop.

2. iLap

This is one versatile stand available in the market that is designed to keep your laptop cool and also gives you the option of comfortable workspace. The iLap is designed to match in the Apple Macbook Pro and can also fit in other laptops. iLap is made of aluminium with silver ionized finish and has a velvet cushioning to give the user the comfort he needs.

3. Logitech Cooling Pad


The pad is designed to maintain an unobstructed air flow and retain the backup of your batteryto its original condition. The pad is powered through USB connection and the cooler fan proves to be whisper-quiet. The buyers have a lot of options to choose from as the pad is available in different colours and shapes to suit your home decor.

4. ThermaPack HeatShift

ThermaPAK HeatShift Cooler is the most advanced, convenient, and stylish solution against netbook heaThe unique cooling crystals used in the HeatShift Technology® absorb the heat from a netbook computer. Once the crystals absorb the heat, it dissipates the heat to cooler areas by melting into a gel. When the netbook is cool or not being used, the gel changes back into a solid by itself.

5. X-Pad

X-Pad is designed to reduce the heat passively (i.e without using any power). Due to it’s amazing features like slim, lightweight and not much accessories this cooling pad will easily become a part of your item to be carried along during a business trip.

Some more cooling solutions along with their pictures are given below-

Belkin Cooling Strip

Bluelounge Cool Feet

Microsoft Cooling base

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