BIG Digital launches youth online reality show

After the dotcom kaput in 2000, Internet Industry in India has steadily emerged as a powerful sector and is generating considerable worth for several shareholders. Over a decade, the sector has witnesses the materialization of forceful, protractible business models and international brands such as eBay, Google, Amazon and Yahoo.

The growth of Internet users in India from the year 1998- 2007 has been illustrated in the table below:

Table 1.1 Growth of internet industry

Financial Year Internet Users Populace Ratio in %
1998 1,400,000 1,094,870,677 0.1
1999 2,800,000 1,094,870,700 0.3
2000 5,500,000 1,094,870,800 0.5
2001 7,000,000 1,094,870,900 0.7
2002 16,500,000 1,094,870,950 0.6
2003 22,500,000 1,094,870,975 2.1
2004 39,200,000 1,094,870,980 3.6
2005 50,600,000 1,112,225,812 4.5
2006 40,000,000 1,112,225,900 3.6
2007 42,000,000 1,129,667,528 3.7

Without ignoring the fact that India is the youngest country with 50% of the total population falling in the age bracket of 15-25 years, which creates a youth category of around 459 million people and also considering the fact that this generation ‘Y’ spends most of its total time over the internet(shown in the picture). After some math we came to know that India has 390 million social networking users. These facts make vital for the companies as well as people to leverage internet platforms like Facebook, Twitter to tap this immense source of energy and power of youths

And Finally Big Digital, the digital content and marketing arm of Reliance Broadcast Network Ltd has launched something which we were waiting for from a while and knew will soon come up. Yes we are talking about the online reality show.

Big Digital has announced the launch of ‘Transform India- Youth Uncensored’, the reality show aims to empower the youth by providing a platform for them to voice their opinion through an extensive social media initiative.
The online reality show will address social problems ranging from escalating corruption, safe sex, eve teasing to gender discrimination from the perspective of the youth.

This digital reality show will bring over 100 colleges from across the six cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad to fight the battle to Transform India through their ideas, on raising concern for issues and tackling them thereafter.

Colleges will compete against each other, as they upload videos on how they believe they can best tackle societal issues. These videos will be judged by an esteemed jury panel, and will then be left open for online voting. Teams will be given a socially relevant topic and will be asked to upload the video of their proposed recommendation to tackle them.

This initiative also brings forth an opportunity for both youth and marketers looking to connect. While it offers the youth a platform for expression, it will also provide opportunities to marketers to get associated and play a pivotal role in piloting India’s transformation.

This is a very intelligent move from the company Big Digital; company knows that Indian youth has the capabilities to transform India and they are the people who can make this country a better place to live.

Hope to see fantastic ideas pouring from all over the social media from Indian youths and to see Big Digital’s endeavors bringing fruitful results for the country. So fix up your internet connections and get ready for the social media war.

Source Credit: Exchange4media


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