Anna Hazare’s Letter to Prime Minister [Full Script]

I could find the total script of Anna Hazare’s letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and am sharing it with all of you here.

With all my support and gratitude to Anna Hazare and his fight against corruption.

Anna Hazare’s Letter to PM – August 13

The transcript is written in Hindi. This is the letter Anna sent to Prime Minister in a hope to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill, the anti-corruption bill drafted by the Civil Committee.

There is a government version of Lokpal Bill, which is tabled in the Parliament and the difference lies mainly in inclusion of Prime Minister within the purview of Lokpal.

If you are not aware, Lokpal Bill is going to create a Anti-Corruption Body which will be powerful enough to grill anyone in the government for corruption charges. This bill is believed to lower down the rampant corruption India has seen in last few decades.

I am with Anna. Are you?

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