Alarm Clock Dock for your iPhone

This happens to everyone, you just come home after a tiring day at office preparing presentations. You skip dinner and hit off straight to your bed with a hope to get a sound sleep for rest of the night. You pull out your iPhone to set alarm for that all important presentation tomorrow morning and suddenly your phone warns you of low battery with around 4%. And my question at this point is can you afford to ignore this critical warning? Well, this is the worst thing that can happen to an iPhone user. And to make it more worse you make your mind somehow to get back to your drawer and you get to know that the charger is in your car parked in the basement. Phew!!


But, thanks to technology, which can save you from such kind of a situation in a jiff. True, technology has gifted us with yet another gadget which can be a perfect buddy while you get a good sleep. The gadget is a small electronic device which is capable of two things-

  1. It allows you to use your iPhone as an alarm clock
  2. It can even chare your iPhone overnight

This gadget is made of solid walnut wood and comes with two different colour plates- Brushed Aluminium and Gloss Resin. The gadget also sports a 6-foot long USB cable. The gadget was designed by an engineer from Portland, Mr. James.

Well the other benefit of this dock is that it can be used as a photo frame while looking at your family pictures on your iPhone at your workplace. There are plenty of iPhone nightstands available in stores these days. And this seems to be the prettiest and rocking one for those of you who wake up early in the morning having carelessly forgot to charge your phone the previous night. I feel this will be a perfect item in the room for such people. Here I have given some more pictures below. Enjoy watching it.


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