A3 Tablet Book- A new face of Tablet Computing is here

A3 tablet book could be the new face of tablets or should I say, the next generation in personal computing. The tablet comes with a dual screen and is designed to be flexible. Yes, flexible is the right word, and that’s because of the tablet’s ability to take forms and shapes which the user decides to. The users can place the A3 tablet on the desk and use it like a laptop, or fold it like an A4 book, or even spread it out like newspaper. Wow!! Sounds cool, isn’t it?  Let me give you some more features of the A3 tablet before leaving you to take a decision on whether to go for the product or not.

The A3 tablet is designed by Phil Pauley and sports a dual screen where each screen can be used separately or can be combined for a better viewing experience. That would mean the tablet supports both landscape and portrait mode of viewing the content

It is also said that, the A3 tablet book would be featuring 6 rear cameras. And the interesting part is the tablet supports Stereoscopic 3D recording and playback, and twin pair of 3 cameras each makes this possible.

I have also a video on A3 tablet book to share. Here it goes

The tablet is also designed to provide great wide screen gaming experience unlike other tablets and laptop computers. Watching movies, listening to music experiences are said to be at its best. The A3 tablet can also be connected to the internet and allows you to browse on a different note. And how does it feel to read e-newspaper just like a real newspaper. Wonderful, right? Equipped with Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth connectivity, A3 tablet is all set to win everyone’s heart.

So, what have you got to say?

Image Credit: Pauley-Interactive

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