8 Amazing and never-seen-before Keyboards

Most of you use your keyboard every day, and some of you maybe even to get into this page did a little bit of typing too in the address bar. Keyboard has been the most impressive peripheral a computer has ever got which is loaded with features. Here today I present you with 8 unique keyboards that are designed to make you think typing is really a cool task and gives you comfort at ease. Here we go,

1. Optimus Maximus Customizable Keyboard

This is a fully customizable keyboard in the market available till date. Here each key is a tiny LCD screen and the best part is you decide on what has to be displayed on the keys every time you type. One can set it to special symbols, programming codes and allows the option of reorganising the letters.

2. Virtual Keyboard

This is also better known as the projection keyboard. This keyboard works on a laser technology to project a real size keyboard on any surface and makes use of an electronic device which is in size of an average cell phone. The device also uses Bluetooth for its connectivity with the PC. The keys are illuminated on a flat surface and all you need to do is just tap on the surface to type in a letter. Though you can type at a faster pace, people are sure to miss the feel of the keys being pressed and the sound of the keys when tapped. But one thing is sure that it’s going to save a lot of space while travelling unlike the conventional keyboard.

3. Evolution Keyboard




The evolution keyboard as the name says it all is an evolved version of conventional keyboard. Here it gives the user an option of separating into 2 halves and connecting the keyboard back to one piece. The two halves can be positioned as the user likes it to be. It is said that both the halves can be moved 90 degrees in any direction.

4. Fabric Keyboard

Well, this is exactly the way it sounds. True, the keyboard uses a piece of fabric on which the keys are present. This is one portable keyboard which everybody would like to own, especially travellers and businessmen. And to add more, the keyboard on getting dirty can also be washed like your normal fabrics. Amazing right?

5. TouchStream Keyboard

This keyboard has both a keyboard and a mouse in it. The keyboard can be split into half and cushioning is provided for extra comfort of the users. The keys are just flat as on piece of cardboard and users may find it difficult for the first time. But on successive usage, it is sure to make you type faster without being tired.

6. Gripping Keyboard

Now the hard core gamers, who were completely into navigating and playing games through gaming consoles, thought of, why not use a controller joystick for typing? And this product was result of this idea generated. The keyboard shown above takes the form of a gaming controller. The device plugs into the USB and is found to be the best way to type. It uses all your ten fingers for typing and the device also features a mouse to control the activities over the screen. Once you get the hang of this, typing successfully at fifty to seventy words per minute is like dream come true.

7. Wearable Keyboard

This is a keyboard designed for outdoor usage. The keyboard can be attached on your arm with a help of a belt. Typing on this kind of keyboard gives great relief for the people working outdoors because of its easy portability and usage.

8. CombiMouse Keyboard

The basic idea behind this keyboard was to combine both keyboard and mouse into a single device. The right keyboard is used as the mouse with two extra keys especially for left and right clicks. The left part of the keyboard accounts for the mouse wheel used for scrolling.

However, no matter the different shapes and sizes they come in, most keyboards use a similar technology to translate a keystroke into a computer signal and the above 8 keyboards have performed this task with ease.

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