74% online users fear of being hacked, 23% have been victims

India appears to have embraced the internet with a degree of ambivalence. There has been a tremendous enthusiasm shown in online social networking and it is estimated that around 60% of the total online population regularly access Internet via the country’s 10000 plus cybercafés. The growing popularity of these social networking sites in India fuels the internet development and on the other hands also provides a platform for cyber crimes to be carried out with ease. A recently conducted study by Microsoft says that, the online users in the country are more scared of their personal social account being hacked and misused as compared to the loss of important data in a cyber cafe.

The survey was conducted on Microsoft India’s “Windows and Me” page on Facebook. The survey was an instant success as it received overwhelming responses from the online community.

According to the study, it was found that almost 74% of the respondents had the opinion that they were worried over the hacking of their social networking account as that of loss of personal data which accounted for just 16% and credit card frauds – 5%.

The study also said that almost 50% of the respondents spent around five hours on an average over the internet every day.

40% were of the opinion that they liked connecting with other people who are online on the social networking sites. The other minor activities included were research which accounts to 35% and entertainment- 22%

Surprisingly, with 74% who are in fear of being hacked, around 23% are already victims of online cyber attack of which 67% people couldn’t tolerate the damage caused by the loss of personal data. Another 19% of the victims have witnessed their email accounts being hacked and misused, sometimes even blocked for their own personal use.

Another study has also found how often the users change their account passwords and have come out with the follwoing observations from its respondents.

The study also reveals the fact that about 90% Indians have got anti-virus software installed on their systems. This action is considered to be a precautionary measure to avert the chances of being hacked. Hence the need for anti-virus, anti-malware and online security is of prime concern. However, 62% of the users had the opinion that majority of their security task is done on the installation of the anti-virus than updating it regularly.

This gives a clear picture on the internet knowledge penetration and the measures to be taken among the minds of the online users.

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