5 most incredible inventions of the year

It’s hard to keep up with technology and before you hear about it, the next best thing is it is already out. Well I really appreciate the determination of some people who try to experiment and invent worthy stuffs which change the way we live our lives. Practically speaking all inventions started of being a weird application with no use. But, as the old saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, people are not satisfied with the present technology and want to uproot more of what they invented. Its invention and only invention which makes our world move at this pace. It fuels the growth towards a more hi-tech environment.

Let us take a look at few of the inventor’s effort which has made it possible to come out with marvelous inventions just from a scratch idea. Here it goes

Medical Mirror

This is definitely a masterpiece of 2011 and the man behind it is an electrical and medical-engineering graduate, Mr. Ming Zher Poh from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The software is designed in such way as to capture the reflections from your face and seek out for vital signs on your face and then relate it to your heart beat. It also helps people with cardiovascular problem to control their cardiac health. All you need to do is, just stand in front of your mirror and Whack!!! You have your heart rate displayed over your reflection.


The Print Brush

This is probably the colorful invention of all and almost took him 11 years to come out with this. This little device which fits in your palm is capable of printing on any surfaces. All you need is to connect this device to your laptop computer and just see it do wonders. Amazed? Okay, here it is on how it goes. The device uploads pictures and text documents from your laptop and prints it on any surface – be it paper, wood, plastic or fabric. This device was invented by Alex Breton, a Swedish Engineer.

Martin Jet Pack

A human being’s desire has no bounds. He wanted to swim like a fish, he invented submarines. He wanted to fly like a bird high in the sky, he invented airplanes. Well that was not enough for him and now he wants to move out from place to place like insects. Thanks to Glenn Martin who came out with this magnificent invention which has been scheduled to release this year. It’s a good news for all the travel freaks out there. This jet pack can make you hover at ease and go places at your ease without having to book tickets. This device still needs work to be done and hope you have already booked one for you.


3D-TVs and this time without the glasses

Just imagine how it feels it to watch a 3D movie on your home TV without those annoying, heavy and expensive glasses. Worth the entertainment, right. Well, thanks to those few people who already have given a thought on this earlier and are all set to give out this technology into the market. This is sure to change the way digital media is displayed forever. Thanks to the team from Toshiba who worked behind this amazing project. Though the demand is estimated to be low initially during its launch, Toshiba is confident of this TV becoming a new standard for TVs in the near future.

Driverless Car

Well, Google has actually come with a car which can drive on its own. Can you believe it? Well, even I was astounded for some time. True, Google has made use of a specially designed Toyota Prius for this wonderful invention. The sensor on the top of the car uses artificially intelligent software that senses what is around the car and responds to a given situation the same way a human does. Brilliant isn’t it?

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