5 Funny iPhone Cases From Japan

Japan is undoubtedly the most innovative country, and the innovation of Japanese has no boundaries.Don’t agree? Well, look at the wonderful iPhone cases they have built.

1. iPhone Goes Game Boy

For kids and game lovers, this is the king. The facility of a iPhone and look of a Game boy, what else does a kid need?

2. Strapya Woodbark iPhone Case Japan.

The Japanese dads must be excited for this summer. They get a woodbark and a insect with the iPhone case. Enjoy the love for nature.

3.Foodie Case for iPhone

You are a foodie? This is the case for you. Eat you phone when you are hungry ..lol. Do not do the mistake. But a cool case to carry to show you love for food.

4.Water Proof Case for Swimmers

Take the iPhone to take pictures, or to talk to friends while you swim. I am sure water sports lovers will like it.

5. Hand Case for iPhone

Made for lonely people, who wants to be with someone even while talking on phone. You catch a ihand while you talk. Isn’t it interesting?


Isn’t these all cases interesting? Japan Rocks!

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