10 Tips to market your website

Before doing anything else, first and foremost is to understand your customer base/target demographic.
The tactics being suggested will differ slightly depending on what you are marketing and to whom. In many B2B scenarios, being social has limited PR value (yet can help with SEO and link generation) – in most B2C scenarios, social should be an absolute must.
Both cases require a balance of search optimization and marketing but are you local, national, international? Can you afford to do less PPC and get results with mostly/purely organic optimization? Are you trying to compete with Amazon, eBay, etc?
Links and content updates are a requirement for any successful strategy but the methods may differ – Blogging is a great tool but its ultimate value may be lost if your target audience never reads blogs. News/events/etc will satisfy content updates and also serve as “linkbait”.

To summarize my thoughts you need the following to be successful:

1) Strategy – Measure twice, cut once. Determine what tactics and how much $$ is necessary to achieve your objectives. The rest is just details.

2) Design – If you’re pitching fasteners, rainbows and butterflies will miss the mark. Similarly, if you omit best practices and conversion/engagement mechanisms in favor of design, your site’s ability to “win” will suffer.

3) Professional Services – Copywriting, Copywriting, Copywriting. Engaging, compelling, keyword-rich copy that calls visitors to action is mandatory.

4) Online Marketing Programs – SEO, SEM, SMM. What is the right mix? See #1. Make sure analytics are in place and measure EVERYTHING. Don’t just track traffic or SERP position; determine conversion criteria and measure to determine successes. Be realistic.
5) If you are a local business claim your listings on Google places and other main sites to make sure people can get to your website from your directory listing(s)
6) Appropriate social media for your business type will drive lots of traffic to your website, possibly including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc.
7)If you have a budget online display and/or search (PPC) advertising campaigns can brand your site and drive traffic
8)Put your website address on all your marketing materials and on every business document you have (letterhead, promotional products, flyers, ads, email signature, etc)
9)Find a popular blog with a similar topic as your site and see if you can write a guest post on their blog. Most guest posts will have an author bio and link back to your website that people will check out if they are impressed with your article and the link will also help with SEO.

10) Last but not the least: Have patience 🙂


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