Why People Choose to Stay Alone

It is always fun to be with people, be it with friends or family. But not always. We choose to stay alone at different times and we tend to enjoy it. Slowly we get habituated with it, and we remain alone.

The momentum keeps us alone till we again break it and go back to stay with companion. Mostly the companion is a spouse.

I studied many of my friends, girls and boys, and tried to find a trend on people staying alone.

1. Girlfriend/Boyfriend Time, Keep everyone away : This is the most common reason why a girl or boy wants to be alone. When you are in love, you want to be just in love. It might not be too long but you just want to enjoy every moment being with your partner or not. Others are best at a distance.

2. You want to prove a point : When you are highly ambitious and want to prove something great to the World, you don’t want to dilute the focus by being with people. You want to sit in the drawing board and just work. When you come out, you will be a happy man and while working, you are a happy man too. You live because you have something to prove.

3. You are artistic and you enjoy loneliness : I have few friends who enjoy loneliness. They like people at a distance, almost always. So they choose to stay away and mostly they are doing something privately. They create some art, and these guys may never come back to a group life. They are born to remain that way, and these are special people. They enjoy themselves and the life, and are not materialistic to think about companion or other achievement.

4. You are heart broken or sad : You have lost you boyfriend or girlfriend, or miserably lost something or someone. This is the time you want to be alone and meditate. You rediscover yourself when you come back. This is one of the most important part of life, something painful but something to cherish lifelong.

5. You are a married bachelor : You are addicted to something so badly that you cannot be with other people. It can be drugs or Facebook. I know some folks who have virtually married to Smartphone, Music Player, Laptop or games. You are alone, and you make a king size living with no queens!

Do you stay alone? is your reason different from any of these? Do not forget to comment.

Image Credit: awriterofwrongs.blogspot.com

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