Twitter Branding Mistakes By Businesses

Twitter is now the second biggest channel in Social Media Marketing, and is the playground of the brand fight. In this fight, companies tend to make some really silly mistakes.

Here are few.

  1. Not defining goals and trying to do everything, while right way is to define what you want to achieve and work for it. When companies dont have a clear goal, they tend to be talking everything and to everyone. It creates more noise than signal for majority of the followers, and thus influence of brand declines.
  2. Sharing too little or too much about the company. Some companies just throw leadership stuff about the industry and don’t talk about their product, service or offers. This sound like a guru not a brand. If I am following IBM, I would like to learn about them. Again, a brand like IBM should not just keep on talking about their products and service; that gives a impression of a seller.
  3. Using Twitter as a brand and not as an extension of a brand. The brand identity in all channels should be same be it Facebook, Twitter, TV, Radio or Paper. Being too cool in Twitter kills the image.
  4. Automated Repies – DMs and mentions. I would hate to get one seriously!!
  5. Not listening to what people say. If you are in Twitter, you should listen and respond to what I say. If you don’t, I will better not follow you!!
  6. Expect huge numbers and quick ROI. Man, Social Media is not an advertising. It is about building relationships and community. Conversion strategy has to be applied but with care. Never ask for favor before building relationships!!
  7. Ignoring negative comments or over-reacting. Then you have no place in Social Media!!
  8. Not involving employees in social discussions. Company is a system and employees are humans. Every person would like to talk to persons, so channelizing social savvy employees can bring huge advantage (example zappos). It has to be done by defining Twitter Corporate Rules though.

Do you have any more points? Do not forget to add here as comment.

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