Twitter and Lady Gaga Threatened, Chinese Actress Yao Chen Passes 10 M Followers

Chinese actress Yao Chen has just passed the 10 million follower mark on Chinese Twitter, Sina Weibo. Weibo is the second most popular Social network after Renren and it is the nation’s most popular microblogging platform.

It means that Yao Chen is approaching the 12 million count of followers, the magical number equaling the no. of followers of Lady Gaga on Twitter.
If the pace continues to grow for Weibo, Ms Chen could become the world’s most followed tweeter by the end of the year.

Now there are 195 million Chinese on various microblog sites and the number is increasing at a fast pace. Weibo had just 100 million users few months back, and its already posing a serious threat to Twitter as the World No 1 Micro-blogging service.

In a weibo (tweet) in Chinese accompanied by a photo, she said:

Passed 10 millions fans. Normally a cause for celebration, but now it’s inappropriate. I just want to tell my 10 million fans: do not be bound up by this number. I also want to tell my fans: always strive for peace, for freedom, and for happiness.

This is a huge step for both actress and the Chinese internet community. It is a direct competition to the might of American celebrities and the Global Technology biggies. China is roaring and coming up strong. The message is strong.

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