Traces on America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent, the popular show which is home to several talented artists, welcomed on stage –Traces, the acrobatic show of the “7-fingers” troupe from Montreal on July 20th.

This high energy acrobatic show has been a hit all over.

The series  provides a platform to contestants.

They can  portray their skills in the field of singing, dancing, comedy, impressions, juggling, magic, ventriloquism and the like.

All these aspiring stars have just one dream – to win the hearts of Americans and be bestowed with the million dollar prize money.

Traces will also make its debut in New York once the production commences and showcases the previews on July 29th at the Union Square and will have an official opening on August 8th. This show will cover a period of ten weeks with the finale on October 9th.

The judges of the 6th season of America’s Got Talent are  Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne. They continued as judges despite taking up jobs on Piers Morgan Tonight and The Talk, respectively. Simon Cowell has reportedly signed a £120 million deal with ITV to deliver Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor to the channel until 2013.  ITV2 will also show the American version of X Factor and America’s Got Talent.

Though there have been several acts lacking the spark required to start a fire on stage, the judges have witnessed several breath takingly astonishing and pleasing performances. There was Daniel Joseph Baker who wooed the judges with his passion and talent for singing. Then there was Magician Landon Swank, who left the judges gaping at his handmade illusionary gimmick, followed by the Smoge Bros who performed tricks and flips which left the judges astounded at such an exciting, dangerous and fantastic act.

However, expectations from a few like the performance by the Attack Dance crew, which performed an act with glow in the dark outfits seemed to bomb the hopes that judges had from them. So did the Rhinestone Ropers who used a horse to perform stunts in an attempt to make the act appealing, but could manage to rope in only unsatisfactory feedback and Juggler Thomas John who couldn’t pull of his act well enough to impress anyone.

The show stealers were The Silhouettes from Denver. This group has talent where they combine skill and precision to create shapes into pictures using shadows.

They also paid a tribute to America by creating views of some of America’s most famous landmarks, thus succeeding in getting an echoing round of applause and a standing ovation from the audience and the judges. They were titled the best act of the night.

From the first moments of the show to the last, host Nick Cannon has been encouraging viewers at home to keep voting for their favourites. “All of their dreams will live or die based on what happens on this stage,” he said.

Here’s hoping for more surprising and interesting acts which are value for money and provide entertainment of the highest standards.

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