Top 4 Celebrities Using Google Plus

Google Plus has the viral effect, nothing new, but derived from Twitter and Facebook. This is something Celebs don’t miss. Most followed people in both Twitter and Facebook are these social celebs, Rihanna to Lady Gaga and Ashton Kucher to Barack Obama has collected huge followings in Facebook.

Now there are some new and some old celebs trying to rule Google Plus. Here are few.

1. Mr Bean : Yes, I am talking about Mr Bean, the lovely and funny Mr Bean. The British actor is spreading his humor in the social channel to collect some real cool fans.

2. Britney Spears : Pop goddess Britney is doing her Femma Fetale Tour in New orleans and is publishing the tour pics. So far 2604 people have kept her in their circle, and the number is increasing fast.

3. Alyssa Milano Alyssa is already in 11200 circles and the sexy actor is trying to lead this social network after she failed to do the same in Facebook and Twitter.

4. Ashton Kucher Ashton has collected good number of fans in Google Plus too. Total of 9054 people have kept him in their circle. Ashton was once the most followed person in Twitter and he acquired good fame by doing it. Will he do the same with Google Plus? Will have to wait and see.

So guys, are you following them? Don’t miss to hear directly from the loved celebs. Enjoy.

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