#SlutWalk Protest Held in Delhi [Pics]

Slutwalk movement reached India today and a rally has taken place in India’s capital inspired by similar protests held in a number of countries. The protest is to challenge the notion that the way a woman dresses can excuse sexual abuse or taunting.

Hundreds took part in Delhi, though there was little of the skimpy dressing that has marked protests elsewhere. The protests originated in Canada after a policeman said women could avoid rape by not dressing like “sluts”.

There are mixed reaction from the Feminist groups in the nation. Nilanjana Roy reports from New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar.

The really dangerous part of Slutwalk Delhi is dodging media cameras and avoiding the mikes thrust in your face. When it starts, the media-aam junta ratio is 3:1, which leads to the spectacle of a reporter trying to persuade a younger colleague from another magazine to give her soundbytes. “You’re marching too, no? Say something as a woman, na?” The younger reporter declines. more

Seema Goswami on why she wasn’t there

Slut Walk? No thanks!

There are better ways of standing up for our freedoms than parading around in small, tight clothes. Okay before we get into all this ‘Slut Walk’ business, let’s get two things straight. One: a woman’s right to refuse sex is – and must remain – undisputed. It doesn’t matter what she is wearing; how she is behaving; how much she has been drinking; why she came back to a hotel room with the guy in the first place; or even, why she allowed him to kiss and fondle her. If she wants to say no – no matter at what stage in the proceedings – she has an absolute right to do so. And any man who ignores that is guilty of rape. That is something that we are all agreed upon: Yes means yes; and no means no.

Two: Rape is never ever a woman’s fault. Never. Ever. Okay, let’s say that again. Never, ever. more

Here are some pics taken of SlutWalk Delhi from various sources.

HT Photos Credit: http://www.asianwindow.com
Credit: thehindu.com
Credit: ndtv.com
Credit: indiatoday.intoday.in
Organizers Umang Sabharwal & Mishika Singh Credit:talktothewall.in

So what is your view about the Slutwalk? It is a good move or just a publicity stunt. Will it serve the issue of feminism raised?

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