QuadriJokes – Stupid Guy

The Dilbert Disaster Recovery Plan

QuadriJokes are a set of four jokes based on a single theme. The fifth theme is Stupid Guy.

The Dilbert Disaster Recovery Plan
The Dilbert Disaster Recovery Plan


StupidGuy had a leakage in roof over the dining table.

Plumber – Sir ,When did you notice it ?
StupidGuy – Last night when it took me 3 hours to finish the soup .



A StupidGuy Doctor falls in Love with a Nurse.

He writes a love letter to the Nurse, beginning with:- I Love U sister….



StupidGuy: I was the pilot for the president’s helicopter.
Friend: Wow, thats Good! But why did you leave the job?
StupidGuy: The president told he was feeling cold and I switched off the fan on the top.



Smartest thing StupidGuy ever did…
He changed all his passwords to ‘incorrect‘…
So whenever he forgets, the computer will remind him,”Your password is incorrect”

A note to readers: The jokes given above are for fun purpose only. Please enjoy the jokes and do not get offended by the content in them.

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