Mobile Phone Usage in China [Info-graphic]

Folks at Enovate China have come out with their 2011 Digital Lifestyles Report, dubbed “Youth Go Mobile” which focuses on China’s 300 million 18 to 30-year old. The report shows how the young China is driving massive growth in social networking, e-commerce, social gaming, and smartphone purchasing.

The key take-aways:

  • 77% of folks between 18 and 22 say they would rather give up computer than Mobile; the number is 58% for age group between 23 and 30.
  • 92% is the respondents have recently purchased either a smartphone or a computer.

This the face of young and growing China. The report and the accompanying infographic (below) was done by surveying among 500 Chinese youngsters, aged from 18 to 30. They were interviewed about their digital habits and attitudes.

Here’s the detailed info-graphic.

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