Maintenance Tips for LCD/LED Televisions

Got that brand-new and eye-warming LCD or LED TV for your home? Here’s’s Upkeep and Care to give you instructions on the same.


They are quite the trend now-a-days, replacing slim TVs and Flat-screen tubes. And they have become easily affordable too.

LCD/LED TVs now account for more than 80% of TV scales and the propensity of customers buying more of them has exulted manufacturers to release more models with latest technological advancements.

One needs to be very careful in getting the best buy that is possible. After buying, the maintenance is also very important to get that durable lifetime of the product.

  1. Temperature and Humidity:
    Make sure the television is not used in places with very high ambient temperatures. Its life span will be considerably reduced if done so. People residing in tropical climates can fix it in their bedrooms. Very low temperatures also spoil the gadget. Also make sure to keep the TV in a relatively less humid atmosphere. High humidity also damages the product. There should not be too much of fluctuations of temperature and humidity too.
  2. Power Connection:
    Make sure the television is connected to a socket with adequate power supply. If you are residing in an area where there is a lot of power fluctuations and frequent power failures, make sure you connect your television to a stabilizer so that it won’t be harmed by current supply factors.
  3. Dust and Spillage:Make sure the television is kept in a dust-free surrounding. A dusty atmosphere has a great chance to induce a short circuit, causing non-recoverable damage to the screen. Also, spilling of any kind must be strictly prevented. If you want to clean the screen, use the spray and use it in small quantities. Liquid substances should never be spilled on the device at any cost.
  4. Sharp Objects:The screen surface is made of delicate material and should not be poked with sharp objects. It is very vulnerable and such damage can create permanent problems to the proper operation of the device. Care must also be taken during shifting to not hit the screen accidentally on sharp edges etc.
  5. Dismantling:
    Do not try to open or service the device by yourself under any circumstances. Always ask the experts to do the same. Do not experiment with the gadget. Minor problems can be handled by using the user manual and troubleshooted.
  6. On/Off State:
    When you are sure that the TV will not be in use for sometime (esp. a holiday), please unplug the device from the socket. You can even useĀ  a dry cloth to cover the device from dust. Also, when the gadget is not in use or when no one is around to watch, switch it off at once.
  7. User Manual:
    Make sure you read the user manual at least once before operation. Even though it might be boring and tedious, do it once. This would give you instructions for complete usage of the product, explaining all the features and also help you to tackle minor problems.


If you follow the above tips and take care of your television, you can be sure that it will keep you entertained for a long period of time.

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