Heart of India: Shaken again

Just as Mumbai was trying to come out of the shadow of the 26/11 terror attack, another set of blasts have showered upon congested areas of the financial hub Mumbai. The blast took place between 6:50 p.m and 7:04 p.m in the areas of Dadar, Opera House and Zaveri Bazar, the one at opera House being of the highest intensity. The disaster has left 20 people dead and around 113 injured according to the count as of now.

Smoke, flames and blood camouflaged everything. The sound was absolutely deafening,” said Hemant Mehta, who was in the Opera House area, near Mumbai’s diamond market. Everyone looked up at first and some thought that heavy rains had caused a building to collapse.” The people surrounding the areas and the witnesses to this horrific event are terribly shaken by the gruesome sights that will haunt their minds for years to come.

The disaster has left 20 people dead and around 113 injured according to the count as of now. The injured were immediately rushed to the nearby J.J Hospital and other nearby hospitals and are undergoing treatment. The condition of these patients is unknown, and will be known once the dean inspects the conditions of all those admitted in the hospital.

The chief minister of Maharashtra, Prithviraj Chavan says it’s too early to speculate until sufficient evidence is gathered from the site. There was a more organized response by concerned authorities this time around with relief arriving a few minutes after the blasts occurred. Authorities issued high security alerts for the Indian capital, New Delhi, the eastern city of Kolkata and the southern capital Chennai. The bombs have been planted by IED’s (Improvised Explosive Device), which are also known as roadside bomb or homemade bombs. IEDs are usually used in terrorist acts. There were two huge explosions in the most crowded area where people congregate for various purposes, which sent bodies, vehicles and other materials flying in the air.

Social networking sites have been witnessing discussions about the horrendous event. According to tweeters, this seems to be a wonderful birthday gift for Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist of the November Mumbai blasts, who seems to be enjoying his birthday today with this attack.

To make matters worse, the chaos created after the attack, the swarming of people, the visits by officials and MLA’s and pouring rain at the site of attack will affect the forensic evidence which could have proved to be crucial in identifying who was behind the blasts. The National Investigation team is on its way to Mumbai to inspect the site and derive evidence for the same.

Memories of the unforgettable attack of 26/11 where around 164 people were killed when terrorists attacked the city’s main railway station, two luxury hotels and a Jewish cultural centre, seem to have resurfaced, arousing fear and panic once again. Although the people of Mumbai have the spirit of staying calm and moving on with their daily activities but the fear of uncertainty lingers on in their minds all the time.

For how much longer will man be his own enemy and how long will it take for the world to unite and eradicate such evils is something to ponder over.

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