Harry Potter bids adieu to Christopher Columbus

Who hasn’t heard about the Harry Potter series? The decade long adventure of the fans with this series has been way too magical and happens to have overwhelmed common sense.

Harry Potter makes his final return to theatres this week in the eight and final film of the franchise ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2’ and is expected to wave his wand and create enough box office magic to score the biggest opening weekend ever for the hugely successful series.  The estimates for the opening sales in the US and Canada are anything between $ 125 and $ 150 million which joins the group of the highest grossing film debuts ever.

 Christopher Columbus , the director of the first two installments, and producer of the third – has been associated with this series for a long time now. Though he may not be as well known as Daniel Radcliff ( Harry)  or Emma Watson ( Hermione), he has been crucial in casting the Harry Potter films with great precision. What is his take on the conclusion of this series, which hits theatres this Friday ?

   “We had no idea and we never knew that they would age so well. There are certain younger actors, who after the second or third film, you would never want to put them in another film. In this Harry Potter world, for some reason, we had this incredibly blessed cast of all these young kids who became great actors and who maintain some kind of movie star charisma” says Christopher.

This movie is rated PG-13 and is encompassed with mature scenes involving deaths , loss and sweet romance . Even if people are not ardent Potter fans, they will definitely go and watch this movie since it brings the end of an era. The visuals are jaw dropping and there seems to be no other series like this in the history of literature and film.

J.K Rowling, the mastermind behind this beautiful saga, sold the film rights of the first four Harry Potter books to Warner Bros for 1 million pounds, and Christopher Columbus was chosen in 2000, as director. It has been a decade of a relationship with this series. The Warner Bros. films have generated $6.4 billion in ticket sales since the first movie a decade ago, plus billions more from DVDs and merchandise.

“Harry Potter is remarkably consistent, hitting blockbuster levels each time out. This will be the culmination of everything, this long, nearly 10-year investment,” said Brandon Gray, president of industry tracker boxofficemojo.com.

Rightly said. With this stress-filled life and wrecking nerves, all that people want is to go far away from the usual rut, and what better world than that of fantasy and magical moments. Every new beginning, comes from another beginning’s end. Here’s hoping for a new beginning soon!

And, with the opening up of theme parks like the “Wizardly World of Harry Potter”, merchandise thronging shelves in stores across the globe and the huge fan following, it’s going to take a tough spell to break this Harry Potter magic!

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