Charlie’s Time Up?

Where’d you go? We missed you so…

Death hoaxes have been creating uproars every time they circulate, and this time the target happens to have been Charlie Sheen, actor of the famous TV series “ Two and a Half Men”. Two death rumours followed each other yesterday, 12th July 2011, first about Playboy Magazine founder, Hugh Hefner and then Charlie Sheen. Fans flooded websites out of concern to find out if their favourite star was in the best of health.

Not just that, there is also a  virus spreading on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook carrying such messages. They start with messages like “”Exclusive Video,” “RIP!” or “Breaking News” followed by “Charlie Sheen found Dead at his House” or some variation and include a link to a site that appears to be make the rumor very attractive. By clicking the link, users will be taken to a fake YouTube page and clicking anywhere on the page, will infect your Facebook profile and begin sharing the link to your friends.

There was a weet by a blogger about false MSNBC news stating that: “Charlie Sheen was found dead in his Beverly Hills early this morning, causes of his death are currently unknown.  Several fans tweeted in the contrary to put an end to such rumors.

To confirm that he is alive and well, the actor tweeted: “Might be time for an ‘I’ll do anything party…’ Vegas Anyone?”  This rumor is believed to have stemmed up due to the probable death of the character played by him, named Charlie Harper, in the show on television. So in simple words, Charlie Sheen is very much alive, hale and hearty, only Charlie Harper may be kicking the bucket!

It is also heard that Ashton Kutcher would be replacing Charlie’s character in the forthcoming series. Sheen, on the other hand, is on the verge of finalizing a deal for a new TV show in which he would be featuring early next year.

Whether this was done as a stunt to raise the ratings of the show before Charlie leaves is unknown, but whatever the intention, it certainly has served the purpose of creating a roar.

This isn’t the first time that celebrities have had the chance to read the news about their own death! There have been several victims to this prank like John Basedow, Scott Baio, Frank candy, Steve Burns, Sir Paul McCartney, Whitney Houston and of all the people – Steve Jobs!

So the good news is that Charlie Sheen is alive, and in case you’ve been made to believe this hoax- the bad news is ..You’ve been attacked by virus! To protect yourself from future scams, you would probably want to take the help of FaceCrooks, an application which is dedicated to uncovering and publicizing the latest Facebook scams.

Go ahead.. breathe a sigh of relief and beware of all the heart wrenching rumours!

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