Cake Popping in Potter Style

Who’s not tempted on seeing oodles of chocolate smothered over brownies or cakes with chunks of chocolate for garnishing? How long does it take to forget that strict diet regime you promised to follow and stretch out your hand to grab one of those delicacies?

Cake pops are the guilt-free members of the confectionary and dessert family, simply because of their admirable size, which is as small as a golf ball , but leaves you with the same feeling of satisfaction and the taste still lingers on long after it’s in your stomach.

Typically, they are crumbled cake mixed with generous amounts of frosting, rolled into a ball and set on to a stick. The cake pop is then chilled and dipped in colourful melted candy mix of various flavors and decorated in the most imaginative ways.

These little bites are not restricted to kid’s birthday parties, they have been popping up and making their presence felt at several occasions like weddings, graduations and even small get-togethers. The ease with which they can be made and the variety of flavours in which they can be made have given rise to several cookbooks and recipes offering a plethora of options to make and decorate these, some even as bizarre as rabbits and robots.

The fad was first brought to light by ,a popular blog which brought huge fame and success to the author, and that gave rise to the first book for these little treats. Soon after, Starbucks took the hint and started stocking its shelves with pops. The branches of creativity with these extend out to brownie and cheese varieties of pops in shapes of babies and characters from television shows in many flavours.

The latest to have inspired cake pop designs seems to be Harry Potter. With the final film rolling out, several fans would definitely need to address their sweet tooth issues. Named as the Golden Snitch pops, cake pop eaters can use the stick as a mini wand and enjoy the sweet treat.

These mini treats can make ideal presents for birthdays, or used as a souvenir, or to give your special event a unique talk  to  tell everyone you thought about them in a special way. They are not made with the same consistency as the baked cakes, but have a similar dough which matches up to the cake and icing blended together.

Covered with white or dark chocolate, strawberry, hazel, caramel, butterscotch or even honey, many people say it reminds them of truffles and the texture is similar to brownies.

It’s more like appreciating art, the shape, taste and decorative designs are something to marvel about. So go ahead, treat yourself and keep popping!

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