Apple Unleashes its “Lion“

” The world’s most advanced desktop operating system advances further” rightly quoted by Apple. After Kodiak, Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard, now it’s the time for Lion to make an entry. Yes, we are talking about Apple’s latest operating system Lion OS X, which is set to be released anytime soon,                probably even this week – Friday, as the trend goes with Apple which has usually released its new OS on Fridays.

Apple is also planning on releasing new Mac Books and Mac mini’s, as well as the ultra-thin Mac book Air along with its “gold master” Operating System. For those who just got confused, a “gold master” is computer terminology which means that no more changes will be made to the software, and that the finished copy will enter direct phases like licensing, documentation, and other post-coding processes.

This has come as a bundle of joy to patrons of Apple that both Lion and the new Mac book Air have been marketed together. This software offers 250 new features which will ensure that users are lost in the experience. The new touchpad applications and innovations can be run on full screen mode and the “pinch” gesture allows users to find applications with ease and style.

It requires Mac with Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or Xeon processor;2GB of memory; and Snow Leopard.

It is estimated that this newbie will be available in stores from July and are sure to boost Apple’s profit margins. The Mac App store download is said to be priced at $29.99. The smart move by Apple in this game is that Lion is going to be distributed only as a digital download through the Mac store. This will give the company more flexibility while shipping by eliminating duplication of processes.

The very thought of  having a new and enjoyable experience while doing the routine clicking, scrolling, saving and installing is in itself making users eager to try this out. So go ahead and enjoy fluid and realistic gesture responses, including rubber-band scrolling, page and image zoom, and full-screen swiping.

In this world of rapidly changing technology, it is essential for any company to have a dynamic approach in order to sustain itself. Though Apple has been the leader and enjoyed great loyalty and brand name, with severe competitors like Microsoft, Dell, Alienware and rivals like  HP, Sun, SGI and IBM in the server markets, it is no wonder that there is a constant need to keep thinking out of the box and being ahead of times.

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