10 Tips to Make SEX Playful and Interesting

Sex is a natural phenomenon and it is also the most loved sports. The history of sex goes back to the history of animals, and human beings have been enjoying this playful game for time immemorial. Some call it a as an act of reproduction, others take as product of love.

Sex is a necessity for human evolution and reproduction, but it will be foolish to take it just like that. It can be used as an exercise, a stress buster, a love enhancer or a meditation.

There is no standard posture, methodology, process or procedure to perform it. It can be unique for individuals and can change on different instances. The biggest way to get excellent sex is to enjoy it with open heart, show love to the partner and just play as best as you can. Play like a music, where everyone wins. Strive for the best and not do it half heatedly.

  • Change style every time: There is no rule or style that can give you ultimate satisfaction. It is good to change style so that it remains attractive and fresh.
  • Don’t haste: Have sex with pleasure. Take your time. Every moment is precious and you should enjoy those moments; Good sexual moments are treasure to remember.
  • Don’t delay: When you are enjoying, keep the momentum going. Do not delay and make sex interesting till the end. It is important to remain in form and not delay to keep your partner’s interest intact.
  • Don’t think. Do: Take sex time as the time when you are in the field of a game. There is no time to think. Just play your part. Forget the World when you are there.
  • Use all your body: Keep engaged in multiple activities by engaging all body parts. Also play with whole body of your partner. It enhances the blood-flow and thus makes you and your partner more active.
  • Stay calm: Winners are those people who are not excited when they get power or result. They stay calm. You should remember this and not be too excited. Stay calm and stay focused. Steadily increase your momentum and play the game.
  • Finish slowly: When you have done a lot, take time to give a smooth finish. Maintain the love and the passion, end slowly with love.
  • Maintain eye and body contact Make as much contact as possible. Look at the partner’s eye and show the confidence you have in love, your partner and the game. Be yourself. Live the moment.
  • Express your love: Keep saying something interesting. Make your partner feel the love from action and words.
  • Ending Gift: Don’t forget to hug at the end. Some kisses on forehead, lips and eyes can give a relaxing and wonderful end. Give your partner a deserved ending.

You will see the change if you follow this tactics. Do not regulate though. Just flow with the wind of love. Enjoy the sex. Awesome SEX.

image Credit: shutterstock.com

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