Upkeep and Care – Cell Phones / Mobile Phones

ByteColumn introduces “Upkeep and Care” series – articles that focusses on care and periodic maintenance of your products. These articles are made to be instructive and easy-to-follow without too much theory and explanations.

The first things presented are MOBILE PHONES.


  • Do not wet the cell phone
  • Keep away from oil, dust, or moisture
  • Handle them with care. Try not to drop your device.
  • Do not use mobile phones while driving or crossing the road (this sometimes panics the oncoming driver, although you might be careful enough)
  • Service them with company operated or highly reputable service-shops. Avoid local repair shops with questionable reputation.

Now, let us look at the components one-by-one:


Mobile Phones are powered by batteries and they require good deal of care if you want them to last really long. Here are some tips for the same:

  • Batteries must be fully charged before the first use to maximize their potential capacity. Charge it completely when it is bought newly.
  • Use the charger that is specified by the manufacturer. Don’t use cheap chargers manufactured by companies with doubtful reputation. Never use a charger that overheats your battery while charging.
  • Try to avoid complete discharging of your cell phone battery. Charge often if you are a frequent user.
  • Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi scanning, GPS, infrared, GPRS connection when not in active use. Smartphone users try to close the applications which are running in the background which silently drain the battery.
  • Turn your phone off if you plan not to use your mobile for a while or if you are in an area with very low/no network coverage.
  • Keep your batteries cool. Avoid keeping your mobile phones in hot cars or direct sunlight.
  • If you are planning to leave your cell phones unused for a while, remove the battery and store it in a sealed cover and dry place.
  • Clean the battery contacts once every two or three weeks with cotton swab.


Face is the index of the mind. Much the same way, your mobile screen is the delicate part of the phone. Read on to know how to maintain it.

  • Don’t expose to heat and moisture. If wet, dry immediately with a cloth.
  • Clean the screen once in a while with a soft towel (microfiber cloth is still better) and use tissue to give a gentle rub after that. Be sure to switch off the device and remove the battery before the cleaning process.
  • Use a screen guard manufactured for your model. For touch screen users, use of a screen guard is mandatory.
  • Avoid dust and oil on the screen surface.
  • If your screen shows some display problem, take it to a professional service personnel at the earliest opportunity.


For those without touch screen:

  • Make sure to operate your keypad (or QWERTY keyboard) with skin of your fingers.
  • Try to avoid using your nails on the keys.
  • Avoid dusty and/or wet environment.
  • Clean your keypad with a soft cloth and cotton swab. Don’t use sharp objects for this.


Some use them for calls, some for listening to music. This wiry things needs care and attention to keep functioning properly. Why spend for another pair of headset when you can make your factory-provided one to last long? Read on…

  • Always use handsets if you are in a noisy environment, this will make listening to the caller easier.
  • Store your headset in a dry and dust-free place. Have a small dedicated pouch for this, if possible.
  • Try to avoid looping it tightly. This will make the joints to become weak, leading to more wear and tear.
  • Handle them gently. Don’t yank it from socket by holding the wire, always hold it with the pin and remove/insert gently.
  • Use a bluetooth headset with care. Maintain proper charging cycle as per specification.
  • If you are a frequent headset user, clean the socket every week with a soft cloth to remove dust particles.

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