The Private Life of Ann Coulter on Piers Morgan Show

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

The author Ann Coulter, famous for targeting criticism against liberals, was a on The Piers Morgan Show. It is always interesting to watch an interview on TV where the main character is a fearsome critics with no fear and free speech tattooed all over the place. People, like Ann Coulter whose fearless capability is noticeable form a jet plane, don’t seem to hit a certain barrier when it comes to answering questions on a national television program. Well, the barrier this time was evident in the Ann Coulter interview at the Piers Morgan Show.

What was the field that surfaced the barrier – hew private life. According to Ann Coulter people have strong rights to their personal life and it is their choice whether to talk about it or not. She said:

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

“ I think like most public figures (i) don’t talk about anything that wouldn’t involve – that you would not want the most dangerous stalker to know or have. So I will not be answering private life questions. That’s why we call it a private life.”

Before we look into some things Ann Coulter wrote about, let’s see what things she is not comfortable of talking about: three engagements, the big 5-0 in December, a driver’s license scandal.

In her work, target to her criticism where various public figures, like politicians; President Barak Obama is one of them. Obama is known to be a devoted Christian, where Ann Coulter states that he is and atheist. Some years back, when gay rights have been promoted by President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, she stated that they are gay. So, let’s form a simple rhetorical question – Do these statements have anything to do with private life?

When people enter the world of public life through all types of media, publications and etc. you are a target for publicity. Every public person knows that publicity always has the private life on target. Making that kind of statements is bound to bounce back with questions about private life.

Taking logic to consider Piers Morgan’s interest in Ann Coulter’s private life is justified. How can you take the liberty of talking about people’s private life and at the same time you are afraid to talk about your own. Being a public figure has its price.

If you are a famous book author criticizing serious people on serious political places, than you’re private life is bound to be a target for various reporters and journalists. We see singers, actors, politicians talking about private life every day. What do they choose to talk about or not, is their own choice. Denying to answer question, as a public figure, raises further questions. Talk about someone else’s private life and not talk about yours! Well that seems unfair, doesn’t it?

By being a public figure, you must know the first hing about it – there is no such thing as bad publicity. So if Ann Coulter searches publicity, she’ll get it. But at least, she should play a fair game.


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