The Adjustment Bureau – Fate or Coincidence

The Adjustment Bureau movie

The famous director Christopher Nola made his mark in human psychology, entered people’s dreams in his blockbuster movie ‘Inception’. He delivered a story which enabled us to vision our dreams, and found the solution through people’s own dreams. It seems that human physiology concerning fate does not end there. Its follower in that point of view is called “The Adjustment Bureau”.

The Adjustment Bureau movie:
The Adjustment Bureau movie

The new film ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ starring Matt Damon (David Norris) and Emily Blunt (Elise Sellas) combines two different worlds in one single state, very much known to man, Love. Matt Damon plays is a politician in the sunrise of its career and Emily Blunt plays a ballet dancer; the two professions that don’t seem to fit together, but there is something between them that does make sense – the human emotion called Love.

However, many a times life tends to combine love with fate. It seems that falling in love for David and Elise is the plan of Fate, and Fate has that plan going in a direction other then Love. The Fate Plan is constructed y man in suits witch claim to be connected with the man upstairs – Harry (played by Anthony Mackie) and Richardson (played by John Slattery), who both work for a man called Thomson (played by Terence Stamp)

Not to reveal what happens in the movie plot, but it will be quite interesting to lay down some things to think about before watching the film; things that you will start thinking during the film and things that will leave you thinking days after you’ve watched the film.

The Adjustment Bureau – main roles
The Adjustment Bureau

Fate or no fate, people are divided in their beliefs about their future. There is no need to criticize someone who things differently from you, it is their right to believe what it suits them. But there is one thing that seems to trigger the question of Fate existence here and there, and that thing is experience.

Experience is probably the most expensive lesson in people’s lives emerging every day. To choose to learn from can be of great benefit; but what if many experiences in life, good or bad, come just because of fate itself. Maybe Fate meant to plan certain things to happen to you for your own benefit; a benefit that may appear in few days, months or even years.

If we combine the movies ‘Inception’ and ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ they do have something uncommon – Plan and the choice of changing a Plan. It rases certain questions at some point: ‘What will you do if you know your Fate’s plan, and that plan doesn’t seem to fit with your own? Do you want to know what Fate has in stored for you, or should you let Fate decide a few choices once in a while.

Since we are in the combination of ‘Inception’ and ‘The Adjustment Bureau’, there is a movie quite that is not part of these movies, but is from a movie directed form one of the directors. Christopher Nolan directed ‘The Dark Knight’ where The Joker (Heath Ledger) says: It’s all part of the Plan!

So is it?


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