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Stupid Girls Picture

QuadriJokes – Jokes on Girls

QuadriJokes are a set of four jokes based on a single theme. The first theme is girls

Stupid Girls Picture


Girl – which computer do u have?
Boy – I have a computer with intel core i7 processor at 3 3 ghz, windows 7, 64 bit, 8gb ram & nvidia gtx 560 graphics card…
Boy – Which computer do YOU have?
Girl – A PINK ONE !!!!


What does a girls profile picture in FaceBook (or any other social networking website) tells you… πŸ˜‰

1. If she is very beautiful with 1000’s of friends , its fake. …
2. Her profile pic has lovely Angelina on it, she is shy, ugly or both.
3. There is a guy in the pic along with her,… she is already booked.
4. There are more than one girl in the pic,.. .. she is most probably the ugliest one.
5. The pic is taken from a side angle of her face…. she is most probably fat.
6. The pic is taken from far away…. definitely not a fake profile, just try to zoom in with your eye lenses to figure out more of her.
7. The pic is of a baby, cake, heart or any other stupid thing,… most probably a teen who needs to grow up.
8. A pic with a ugly face…. click the back button as soon as you can before anyone catches you red handed…:)
9. A pic with a beautiful face and all profile info hidden,.. . she is probably the one for you but don’t be so excited, she wont accept your friend request…… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



How to Make a girl Happy?

It’s not at all difficult.
You just need to be

1. A friend
2. Companion
3. Lover
4. Chef
5. Electrician
6. Carpenter
7. Mechanic
8. Decorator
312. Good listener
313. Organizer
314. Good boyfriend
315. Very clean
316. Sympathetic
317. Athletic
318. Warm
1054. Courageous
1055. Determined
1056. True
1057. Intelligent
10014. Pest exterminator
10015. Psychiatrist
10016. Healer
3110010. Stylist
Do this & they’ll surely think about giving a smile…:) πŸ™‚

How to Make a boy Happy?

1. Just give a Smile and GAME OVER πŸ˜€


A girl fell down from the 20th floor..
A boy caught her on 15th floor and asked her “Will u hug me?”
She replied, “ofcourse not”
The boy dropped her,

She was caught on the 10th floor by a boy
He asked her “will you kiss me?”
She replied “No way”
He dropped her too,

She prayed for a last chance
Boy held her on the 5th floor
She immediately said,
“Okay I will hug you and kiss you”

The boy dropped her saying,
“Bad Girl, you better Die”

MORAL: Girls, please do not assume every guy to be the same!

A note to girls: ByteColumn.com respects womanhood! The jokes given above are for fun purpose only. Please enjoy the jokes and do not get offended by the content in them.

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