Protecting Your domains with registry locks and administrative access control

All of internet’s networking mechanism is tied with domain name system,That is translating the domain name which you enter in browser to the IP address where actual server is located.

These days lots of million dollar companies are just using password protection for there domain registrar account .Which is not very secure with hacking attempts of your password

You may have heard the news about recent attacks by Syrian Electronic Army targeting  New York Times and Huffington Post ,They have found a weakness in there domain registrar’s  security system and they used this to update name servers of New York Times website and redirected to there personal site displaying there message.

This was only possible due to they just used password protection and they had not used registry lock feature

Why is registry lock important?

When you put  a registry lock  on a domain and you want to change these options:

  1. Name Server record
  2. Domain Password (EPP Authcode) )
  3. Changes to expiry dates
  4. Domain contact

These requests must be manually verified  by the top-level domain registrar. Due to registry locks these updates may take more time but this feature assure you that only authorise person is allowed to change the core domain options.


Steps to Activate registry lock

When you register a domain name registry lock is not activated by default,If you think your domain is valuable you can activate it by making a request in your registrar control panel.Price of  activating registry lock may vary from registrar to registrar.

Other Options to Secure your domains

You may opt for two factor authentication  features provided by most of the domain registrars these days ,In which whenever you try to make any above stated domain name configuration changes it will send you some OTP to you by other medium   it may be SMS or a automated phone call, Which you must enter in order to process your request.

You must also time to time verify the domain configuration changes by visiting your domain registrar’s control panel.

By just following these preventive measures you can secure the access control of your domain names by every day happening phishing and hack attempts towards important domain names

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