Gabriel Union’s story in “Men Down” music video

gabrielle union

Gabriel Union
gabrielle union

There is no excuse for a committed crime of rape and abuse. To rape someone is a serious crime and a terrible burden to carry in the days that follow. Such burden carries Gabriel Union, the famous film actress best known for her role in Bad Boys 2. After watching the new Rihanna video “Man Down” she decided to speak up and share that burden with her twitter followers.

The “Man Down” music video is tells a story of revenge towards a rapist. Like many a times, songs and music videos have the magic of triggering people’s past. Although Gabriel Union was rape when she was 19, from here tweet it seems that the emotional scars are still there. She was asked by a fan weather she saw the new Rihanna video, her feedback was:

“Saw ‘Man Down’ by Rihanna. Every victim or survivor of a rape is unique, including how they think they’d like justice to be handed out. During my rape I tried to shoot my rapist, but missed. Over the years I realized that killing my rapist would have added insult to injury. The desire to kill someone who has raped you is understandable, but unless its self defense and the moment to save your life, just adds to your troubles.”

“Stranger who robbed the store I worked at put his gun down during the rape and asked me to hand it to him.”

“Man Down video did a great job of getting the entire world talking about rape. I hope it leads to healing and prevents rape. “

Gabriel Union
gabrielle union

Killing a person at point blank is hardly justified. Whatever the reason is, there should be some alternative other than taking someone’s life. But there is another point to be considered here. A point that is reasonable only if you are part of a crime (like a rape) and the taking the criminal’s life is the ONLY solution that comes to your mind.

God forbid people are victims of rape and abuse, everybody will agree with Gabriel Union on that; and god forbid your mind decides that killing someone is a reasonable solution. Nobody should have that choice and nobody is entitled on rape and abuse.

On one hand people will agree that killing the bad man in front of you at that moment is justified based on self-defense. Taking someone’s life will trigger fear in people who are prone of such crimes. But they will also be feared to commit the crime knowing that people are aware of such abusers and have taken certain self-defense precautions that are far worse than point blank death.

There is no place in society for rapist; Gabriel Union will agree on that, which is why there is the police and prisons. Taking safety precautions and taking down the abuser without eliminating will trigger justice precautions that have its own way of dealing with crimes like raping.

Gabriel Union doesn’t carry the burden alone any more. People understand her pain and applaud to her reason and struggle throughout all these years.

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