Batman arkham city: entertainment guaranteed

Arkham City Batman is a sequel to the action-adventure video game Arkham Asylum, which is based on Batman, the DC Comics character. The game is designed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, as well as Microsoft Windows. Published by Interactive Entertainment, Warner Bros and DC Comics, and developed by Rock steady Studios, batman arkham city is scheduled to be released in October 2011. The game was officially announced during the beginning of the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards and is scheduled to be released worldwide the week of October 18, 2011.

Arkham City, just like batman arkham asylum playstation 3, incorporates various elements of predator and stealth tactics. All the gadgets that have previously been obtained would be present in Arkham City, with most of them possessing new or improved capabilities. Two new gadgets are revealed, i.e. smoke bombs which Batman could use for confusing his enemies, as well as broadcast tracing device for locating and tracking signals to the sources.

Batman arkham city incorporates more of puzzle elements. One of the most exciting features of this game is that of the Detective Mode. This feature is used to highlight elements like enemy skeletons or clues on-screen, which can be used for performing forensic study at the crime scenes. The players also have access to a database of criminals which tracks the main villains in the city. However, David Hego the art director at Rocksteady stated that Detective Mode feature would be replaced by augmented-reality mode feature, as players often tend to use the Detective Mode feature all the time.

The players control Batman, as he makes his way through Arkham for completing the mission objectives. Apart from the major mission, secondary missions that feature various key characters along with their stories are also introduced. The player may move silently, while avoiding inmates or other enemies by using various gadgets and sneak in on enemies for silently taking them down, using latest tactics for surprising the enemy. Batman at the other times might have to fight the inmates by using a better combat system, allowing for several simultaneous counters, reaction to the thrown objects, as well as use of all the Batman’s gadgets. Movement across Arkham is made further difficult with formation of territory and gangs between the rival villains, like the Joker and Two-Face, which leads to in-fighting. Batman is required to avoid this. Apart from that, optional challenges to collect several hidden trophies that have been placed around Arkham city would also be there. However, it would need additional efforts for locating these.

batman arkham pc games can be a perfect getaway for gaming enthusiasts. However, until the game is released, you will have to feel content playing batman arkham asylum playstation 3.

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